What is Ambient Intelligence?

Ambient intelligence is the concept of capturing and processing data through sensors, processors, and actuators unobtrusively embedded throughout the environment. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), ambient systems provide connected, seamless, uninterrupted everyday experiences that require no human intervention. These ubiquitous devices use ambient compute to respond to and adapt to the presence of people.


While many consider ambient intelligence a futuristic idea for sci-fi movies, seamless connectivity across devices already exists in our daily lives – for example in streaming media and gaming experiences, smart homes, healthcare monitoring, and other IoT applications. Ambient intelligence weaves data from all these kinds of experiences together so that all our technology systems – from our devices and homes to our cities, offices and vehicles – become intuitive, responsive ecosystems.

What You Need to Know About Ambient Intelligence and Ambient Computing?

Ambient computing is the foundation for ambient intelligence. It requires a high-performance, efficient architecture that can scale to support devices everywhere with technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to understand and predict the needs of the humans in the environment and react autonomously.


Imagine going out for the evening in a smart city where your autonomous vehicle drops you off at your destination and self-parks; you walk into your restaurant and your favorite table is ready for you; and afterward, you simply walk through the theater into your assigned seats. Or your digital TV reminds you it’s time for your video medical appointment as your healthcare monitoring device automatically transmits data to your doctor and schedules your next visit.


This is made possible by ambient intelligence based on a scalable ambient computing architecture.

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