WindowsPerf for Windows on Arm

Get started using WindowsPerf, the open-source tool for performance analysis that instruments Arm CPU performance counters.


WindowsPerf Official Documentation

WindowsPerf Releases

Quick Install Guide for WindowsPerf Tool

  • Quick start guide with the most common settings. For a thorough configuration, please refer to the official docs.

Get Started with WindowsPerf

  • Get started with installing WindowsPerf on a WoA machine and generate a sample report.

Sampling CPython with WindowsPerf

  • Guide to the basics of sampling with a CPython example, as well as explore the WindowsPerf command line.

Extensions and Plugins for WindowsPerf Tool

Plugin the WindowsPerf functionality on your current Windows performance analysis & debugging tools, such as WPA and Visual Studio.


Download VS extension: WindowsPerfGUI

  • Get started with WindowsPerf GUI extension for Microsoft Visual Studio.

Features on WindowsPerfGUI

  • Release blog for WindowsPerGUI, covering current features and next features to come.

Windows Performance Analyser (WPA) Plugin

  • Plugin built for WPA that parses “json” output of “wperf” to visualize counting and telemetry events as timeline graphs.

Performance Optimization on Arm64

Get started with using native WoA support in your tools (Visual Studio, MSVC, LLVM) and read the case studies and examples on Arm64 optimizations.


Install guide for VS 2022 for WoA

  • Quick Install guide for Visual Studio 2022 with WoA support (from v17.4 onwards), with the most common settings.

MSVC Arm64 Optimizations in Visual Studio 2022

  • Blog describing the latest features added in Visual Studio 2022 v17.8, another on v17.7 and another on v17.6.

Install Guide for LLVM Tool for WoA

  • Quick- getting started guide to downloading and installing the latest version of the LLVM toolchain with WoA native support.

Build a WoA Native App with Clang

  • Case study: how to configure the native LLVM toolchain with VS to compile for WoA, and build an open-source PuTTY app for WoA using native LLVM toolchain.

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