How Can Native Arm64 code Contribute to Substantial Performance Enhancements

These educational materials are for beginners to advanced Windows developers, who are familiar with Microsoft Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.



Migrate any x86 or x64 apps to native Arm64 using Arm64EC.


Apps with MS Tools

Build native WoA apps with .NET, WPF, WinUI3, Port Win32 DLL to Arm64.


Apps with Open-Source Tools

Build native WoA apps with Qt, CEF, Electron, Python, Xamarin Forms.


CI/CD Native on Arm

Add native Arm support on your CI/CD system.


Migrate from x64 using Arm64EC

Get performance gains by running your x64 Windows app with plugins and libraries using Arm64EC. Learn how to migrate your app to WoA with Arm64EC, with guides, video tutorials and examples.


Port your app to Windows on Arm with Arm64EC

  • Getting started guide to building native Arm apps and migrating any x86 or x64 apps to native Arm using Arm64EC.

Arm64EC Video Tutorials

Arm64EC Support in Visual Studio

  • Article covering why and how to target Arm64EC in Visual Studio.

Port DLL Dependencies to Arm64 Using Arm64EC

  • A guide to how to port C/C++ dependencies to Arm64 using Arm64EC.

Build Apps with Microsoft Tools

Get huge performance gains by running your Windows app native on Arm. Learn how to use Arm64EC to migrate your app to native Arm, convert a .NET app to Windows on Arm, create a WPF app native Arm, and more.


Target Arm for your .NET App

  • Build and run a .NET6 Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) app on a Windows on Arm machine.

Benchmarking .NET8 Apps on Windows on Arm (WoA)

  • Measure the huge performance gains you can get from porting to native Arm code, following this tutorial example based in .NET8.

Create Windows Forms Apps on WoA

  • Learn how to create and build a cross-platform Windows Forms app, as well as measure code execution performance on Arm64.

Develop Windows Apps with WinUI3 on WoA

  • Create and build a cross-platform Windows UI library (WinUI) application, and measure code execution performance on Arm64.

Build .NET MAUI Apps on Arm64

  • Create a cross-platform application with .NET MAUI and measure the performance uplift on Arm64.

Port Your Win32 Library to Arm64

  • A step-by-step guide on how to port your Win32 app to Arm64, by creating a DLL library in Win32, and then porting it onto Arm64.

Build Apps with Open-Source Tools

Get started and develop native Windows on Arm apps with open-source tools, such as Electron, CEF, Xamarin Forms, Qt, and Python.


Install Guide for Python for WoA

  • From version 3.11, Python has native support for WoA. This is a step-by-step install guide to get you set up to code native on Arm with Python.

Build Native WoA Apps with Python

  • This is a guide covering how to leverage native Arm64 for Python apps, and understand the platform dependency of Python packages.

Develop and Run a Native WoA Qt App

  • This guide covers how to build and run a Qt-based desktop application, as well as how to investigate the performance improvements gained by running on Arm64.

Create Desktop Apps with Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF)

  • How to use CEF web technology for developing desktop apps on Windows on Arm.

Build Cross-Platform Apps with Electron on WoA

  • A step-by-step guide showcasing how to implement a sample app using the Electron framework on a WoA machine, as well as showing how to create a multiplatform build of the app.

Develop Cross-Platform Apps with Xamarin Forms on WoA

  • A guide to creating and building a Xamarin Forms app, and measuring code execution performance uplift on Arm64, as well as showing how to use the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) architectural pattern.

Set Up Your CI/CD System Native on Arm

Get started using the Arm-based hosted runners with GitHub actions for native WoA CI/CD, and more. Click here.

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