Using the Mbed Enabled™ Trademark

The above trademark may only be used by third parties whose products have been accredited by Arm under the Arm Mbed Enabled program.

Please use the above trademark in accordance with the Arm trademark use guidelines.


Approved nouns:

Any appropriate noun relating to a third party product that is enabled by Arm Mbed technology, which has been expressly approved by Arm using specified technical criteria under the Arm Mbed Enabled program.

Use format:

Arm® Mbed Enabled and [appropriate third-party noun]

e.g., Arm® Mbed Enabled microcontroller

Always use the Mbed Enabled trademark preceded by the Arm trademark in its first use, i.e. Arm® Mbed Enabled. You do not have to use the Arm trademark in each subsequent use of the Mbed Enabled trademark.


Arm and Mbed Enabled are registered trademarks or trademarks of Arm Limited (or its subsidiaries or affiliates) in the US and/or elsewhere.

Use examples for Mbed Enabled trademark


Correct use

Incorrect use


Arm® Mbed Enabled product

Arm® Mbed Enabled® product
Arm® M-bed Enabled product
Arm® mBed Enabled product

Arm® Mbed Enabled product (from 1 August 2017)


Arm® Mbed Enabled service

ARM® Mbed Enabled Service

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