The Future of Computing – 20+ Questions Answered by our Ecosystem Partners

Our position in the ecosystem allows us to see into the future. We can spot trends and see what’s coming next. And our relationships with the biggest technology companies in the world mean that we can anticipate hardware architecture requirements and identify areas where we all need to invest in common software standards to help accelerate new ideas and drive the adoption of the latest tech trends.


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Our Unique Advantage

Arm-based platforms are trusted, verified and tested, and supported by an unmatched global community of software developers empowered to create on top of them. Together with a success-based business model designed to fuel innovation, Arm is uniquely positioned at the center of the world's largest technology ecosystem.

We offer a range of ways for partners to license Arm technology: Partners can license individual products or take advantage of the freedom to evaluate and test across our entire range via the Arm Total Access and Arm Flexible Access programs.

Discover more about the benefits of working with Arm technology, why our architecture is ideal for your next project, and how Arm makes it easy to license our world-class IP.

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