Optimize Unity Games for Mobile Gaming

Arm and Unity are working together to give developers access to the latest profiling tools and optimizations for out-of-the box mobile performance. Identify performance optimization opportunities. Our resources and tools seamlessly integrate with Unity mobile game development to help you create vivid graphics by optimizing shaders and bring your mobile games to market faster.

For Game Developers

Develop, Debug, and Optimize Unity Games for Top Performance

Building a mobile game that’s fast performing and runs smoothly without causing the device to overheat can feel like you've switched to advanced mode. But with performance optimizations you can develop Unity games that stand out, have higher frame rates, and stutter-free rendering. Optimize your game to life with relevant documentation, tutorials, and tools.

Start here: The Tools to Get the Most out of Your Unity Mobile Game

Intermediate level


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For Artists

Optimize Geometry, Textures, Materials, and Shaders to Create Vivid Experiences

Getting the most of your artwork, code, and Unity engine to create high-quality models and scenes for mobile devices is a fine balance. By optimizing the performance of your 3D assets, you can enrich gameplay across low- and high-level devices and help your games to run smoother. We’ve developed a range of documentation and tutorials with tools to support your asset optimization, specifically for your work with Unity.

Start here: The Tools to Get the Most out of Your Unity Mobile Game

Intermediate level



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For Producers

Bring Your Unity Games to Market Faster, with Greater Polish

As a lead, you help ensure all aspects of your Unity mobile games are optimized for the best player experience and monetization. That includes optimizing for deployment to increase your target base and earning potential. How? If you have a continuous integration system to merge daily code changes, you can run nightly automated on-device performance testing across multiple devices with Arm Performance Studio to save time and know whether to optimize your art, game, or engine.

To help your team build smooth games with a stunning visual experience that will not cause the device to overheat, scroll up.

Visit our FAQs to learn how Arm makes a difference

A Community to Build your Future Mobile Games on Arm

Meet the Arm Developer Program. A community for experts and developers to learn new skills
together to help everyone build better games, faster. Whether you are already enjoying the
advantages of optimizing your games with Arm, or are simply interested in getting started,
you belong here.

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Q: How does the Arm platform help improve my games?

Arm technology is built for speed, scale, and accelerated development. Arm-based platforms are trusted, verified, and tested, as well as supported by a global community of software developers. Around the world, our gaming partners use industry-leading Arm GPUs with supporting Arm optimization technologies to create the most immersive and interactive mobile gaming experiences. Learn more about our GPUs and who we work with here.


Q: How does Unity work with Arm?

Arm and Unity are working together to ensure that Unity developers have out-of-the-box access to the latest Android profiling tools, optimizations, and best-in-class mobile performance, while reducing time spent on optimizing code. See our Unity resources.


Q: What is Arm Performance Studio?

Arm Performance Studio is a game development software. It offers free mobile app development tools for the analysis of app performance across mobile devices and for importing that data directly into a continuous integration workflow. The software includes summary reports to pinpoint problem areas, in-depth GPU analysis, and the location of rendering defects, as well as investigates shader kernels to understand performance on Mali GPUs.


Q: Is Arm Performance Studio easy to integrate?

Arm provides a Unity package to make data from Unity games visible in the Arm Performance Studio tools, Streamline and Performance Advisor. Use this Learning Path to incorporate annotations into your Unity project.