Immersive Experiences

Host John Romero comes face to face with his own creations as he straps on a mobile XR headset to explore the online virtual universe, Rec Room, with its CEO Nick Fajt.

Episode 1: A Look at the Mobile Platforms of Today and Times Ahead

Dispatches from the Future

A look at how mobile technology continues to transform our world, hosted by iconic game designer John Romero, with futurist Jason Silva and Arm insider Paul Williamson sharing visions of mobile tech’s new reality.

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About the Hosts
John Romero

The programming icon whose work spans 130+ games, including Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM, and Quake.

Geof Wheelwright

Veteran journalist, author, broadcaster, and frontline tech-industry observer.

What’s Next in September 2020

In Episode 3, a power user from the Unity dev community explores how 3D engines
and mobile devices layer digital realities with the physical world.