"ARM is a key partner for us because it is about providing options to the end customer, and I think together we can ensure that we bring better products to the market."

Anirban Majumdar, Dolby

"Initiatives like the European code of conduct on low power consumption are going to go into the set top box market, so we need partners like ARM who have experience in this area to help us achieve those targets."

Nadeem Ullah, Pace

"The visual quality is a critical part of high-end mobile devices. The highly scalable and energy-efficient ARM Mali family gives us the flexibility we need to address a broad range of devices."

Jae Cheol Son, senior vice president, processor development team, Samsung Electronics
Texas Instruments

"TI and ARM have both embraced a very open ecosystem that allows a lot of innovation. I think our view of the market is well aligned with ARM."

Tom Kelly, Texas Instruments

ARM 全面的产品线包括 32 位 RISC 微控制器图形处理器实现软件单元库嵌入式内存高速连接产品、外设开发工具。结合完善的设计服务、培训支持和维护以及公司广泛的合作伙伴社区,提供了一个全面的系统解决方案,为主要电子设备公司提供了一条快速可靠的途径将产品推向市场。


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