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The World’s Primary Compute Device

The ARM-powered smartphone is the world’s primary compute device that over 3 Billion consumers reach for every day.

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Unparalleled innovation

The de-facto standard architecture for mobile that mobile operating systems and applications are built and optimized for.

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Path to 5G

Next steps in connectivity

The dawn of 5G will bring a continuation of the always-on, always-connected world and in bring new ways of interacting with it.

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Delivering new experiences

Be it artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, machine learning or bots, consumers will experience new technology through their smartphone.

The world's primary compute device

The smartphone means so much to so many people, it has become you universal device that is always with you.

The smartphone can be used in so many ways today from your navigation device, through your entertainment device, to your payment device.

The smartphone's combination of always with you compute and connectivity has changed the world, and has allowed 3 billion people to connect to the digital world.

ARM has delivered “more for less” by increasing the underlying CPU performance by 100x and GPU performance by 300x since 2009, while staying within the strict physical limits of the smartphone.

And ARM innovation extends beyond CPUs and GPUs to many other components within the smartphone.This innovation has helped create the modern smartphone experience.


The mobile ecosystem runs on ARM

The variety of things you can do with your smartphone has been enabled by innovative applications and services from developers throughout the ecosystem.

With more than 95% market share in smart phone processors, ARM has become the architecture for developers' applications and services.

This strong ecosystem has enabled the rapid innovation resulting in today’s vibrant smartphone ecosystem.




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Path to 5G: Next steps in connectivity

Continuing the ARM ecosystem’s history of modem innovation

ARM has been at the heart of modem technology since the rise of GSM: More than 20 billion ARM-based modems have shipped.

As mobile broadband development evolves, we see new and different use cases.

The dawn of 5G continues the evolution of the always-on, always-connected world and fosters new user interactions.

As well as multi-gigabit services, 5G also promises to deliver on low throughput, energy constrained devices.

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Smartphones: The portal to future innovation

Providing the fundamental blocks for future experiences

Smartphones have become the consumer’s portal to future services and capabilities.

Users will access many of these use cases—artificial intelligence, computer vison, machine learning, virtual and augmented reality--from their smartphones through a always-connected wireless networks that are a pathway to cloud services.

These use cases and the smarphone's technical versatility and unit volumes are driving technical trends beyond the smartphones.





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