The Proven Path to Custom Silicon Chip Success

Whether you are a seasoned silicon developer or a product designer looking for a complete solution to replace existing discrete components, we offer the world’s most proven IP and the industry’s most robust SoC developer resources. From simulation to emulation to FPGA prototyping and bring-up, here is where you’ll find the right services and tools to design and validate your Arm-based SoC and achieve custom SoC success.

What are Custom Chips? 

Custom chips or custom SoCs typically integrate a processor along with peripherals, including analog and digital functionality, to create a unique integrated chip that is smaller, more power-efficient and lower cost than systems comprised of individual discrete components on a printed circuit board (PCB). They also offer increased functionality and differentiation for your products, and are a powerful way to protect your design from companies who are quick to make copycat versions.

Custom SoCs don’t have to be risky, difficult or expensive
Some believe custom SoCs are only for large companies with very deep pockets. In reality, custom SoCs can use widely available mature technology at a fraction of the cost. Fortunately, Arm and its ecosystem partners offer solutions that greatly reduce barriers to entry and make it possible for even small companies with low volumes and minimal technical expertise to reap the benefits of a custom SoC.

Why Build a Custom Chip?

The demand for ever-smarter devices has manufacturers looking for ways to add new features and intelligence to their products. Today, many companies are turning to a new solution that can offer more choice and flexibility: a custom SoC. Learn how Arm can help with each step of the process from this video.

Why Arm for Custom SoCs?

Arm offers a comprehensive solution of highly integrated, industry-proven Cortex processors, System Design Kits and Artisan Physical IP for the ideal compute platform. Whether you are looking to create a chip from scratch, or looking for a complete solution — Arm can help every step of the way with specific products, tools and services, which include:  

  • Proven, trusted processor and system IP 
  • Arm IoT SoC solutions in order to accelerate time-to-security for SoC designers 
  • Integration of analog and sensor IP for smaller, lower-cost, more power-efficient custom SoCs  
  • Comprehensive IoT solutions for security, power efficiency, standard-based communication and scalability  
  • Support, services and tools from the world’s No.1 ecosystem

Arm DesignStart

Arm Offers More Than a CPU

No matter your technical expertise, you can get the right level of design support you need and access loads of resources, training, software and tools through the Arm ecosystem.

Arm Approved Design Partners help companies who are new to custom SoCs (and simply ‘just want a chip’) or who need to supplement their in-house skills. They even offer complete turn-key designs, where finished, packaged, tested chips are supplied or supplemental services, to complete a customer’s own design team.

Image of chip with Arm DesignStart logo

Arm DesignStart Offers the Fastest, Simplest Route to Proven IP

Get access to our industry-leading Cortex-M0 and Cortex-M3 processors, which are shipped in half a million SoCs every hour, and no contracts to sign.

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