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Arm provides system architectures that are free of charge to use and help the ecosystem design secure and efficient systems as easily as possible.

Performant. Compatible. Efficient 

An energy-efficient, high-performing, and secure device needs more than just a good CPU. It also needs system components that connect the CPU to other components, such as memory, storage and GPUs. Arm system architectures cover hardware, firmware, and software and provide standardization and best practice guidance. This helps reduce costs and time to market when designing your system.


Security is essential to the success of every product. Our system architectures combine rigorous principles, best practices and industry knowledge. They offer a cohesive and standardized approach to engineering more secure platform designs. Platform Security Architecture (PSA) is a good example, leading the ecosystem and encouraging partners to design-in scalable security.


Arm provides system architectures that span multiple markets. These include Automotive, Embedded, IoT, Client, Server and Infrastructure, and Machine Learning. We work with silicon partners and operating system (OS) vendors across the industry, to design the hardware-to-OS and firmware-to-OS interfaces.

Foundational Value

Arm offers value to partners and the ecosystem by providing the underlying foundation upon which the ecosystem builds and innovates. System architectures vary dependent on the market. They enable a wide range of products across many market segments, from embedded, to mobile, to infrastructure.

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Starting off on the right foundation for your product or project is critical. Talk with an Arm expert to learn more about which architecture is right for you.

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System IP

System IP

Arm System IP enables system designers to configure and build high-performance, power-efficient SoCs while further differentiating with Arm processors and their own IP elements integrated via industry-standard AMBA interfaces.

System Design

System Design

Arm provides tools and reference designs for modelling, verifying and building systems. Performance optimization of sub-systems, early modelling of new IP and guaranteeing system exactness are more important than ever, given the short development cycles necessary to get the latest devices to market quickly.

Arm Coresight

Arm SystemReady Certification Program

Arm SystemReady is a set of standards and a compliance certification program that enables interoperability with generic, off-the-shelf operating systems and hypervisors. It provides a foundational framework at the system level, with a vision that software ‘just works’ out of the box.

System Architecture Resources

Everything you need to know to make the right decision for your project. Includes technical documentation, industry insights, and where to go for expert advice.