IoT and IP Work Together

From providing the IP for the chip to delivering the cloud services that allow organizations to securely manage the deployment of products throughout their lifecycle, Arm delivers a complete Internet of Things (IoT) solution for our partners and customers. It’s rooted in our deep understanding of the future of compute and security.

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Processor IP
Processor IP

Technology for the Widest Range of Devices—from Sensors to Servers

Arm is the world's leading technology provider of silicon IP for the intelligent System-on-Chips at the heart of billions of devices. Our portfolio of products enable partners to get-to-market faster.

IoT Products
IoT Products and Services

Technology that Removes the Complexities of IoT

Arm removes the complexities of IoT with complete IoT products and pre-integrated subsystems that enable customers and partners to rapidly design and deploy flexible IoT solutions.


Billion Arm-based Devices Worldwide


Of World’s Population Uses Arm Technology


Hardware, Software and Service Partners

Accelerating Digital Immersion Through Total Compute Strategy

Total Compute goes beyond optimizing individual IP and takes a system-level solution view of the entire SoC. Focusing on future digital immersion use-cases and experiences on next-generation devices, and ensuring that the entire system works together seamlessly to provide maximum performance, efficiency, security and developer access.

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Choose the Right Licensing Package for You 

Arm offers different licensing options with flexible pricing and terms, from zero upfront costs to a limited annual access fee and all the way to full licensing models depending on the scale of your project.

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Security for the Next One Trillion Devices

Arm has been helping the ecosystem secure devices for many years, applying the insights gained from over 100 billion Arm-based chips, and working with partners to protect against a variety of exploits, including physical attacks.

Join the Largest Innovator Community

Arm-based designs are transforming the way people live and how businesses operate. These designs highlight the Arm ecosystem’s contributions towards the advancement of computing; they are shaping today’s connected world.

What We're Thinking

Arm and its global partner ecosystem is one of the largest, most prolific and creative communities of product innovators. We’re providing power-efficient intelligence as the foundation for transformative applications and business ideas. See how Arm makes smart possible.

Architecture and Technologies
A Foundation of Silicon Success

Arm-based chips, device architectures, and technologies orchestrate the performance of everything that makes modern life possible — from smartphones to agricultural sensors and from medical instruments to servers.

Platform Security Architecture

Platform Security Architecture (PSA) is the first common industry framework for building secure, connected devices. PSA is a fundamental shift in the economics of IoT security, enabling ecosystems to build on a common set of ground rules to reduce the cost, time, and risk.

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CPU Architecture

The Arm CPU Architecture defines what a CPU must do when software runs on it. All Arm-based CPU designs are built on the same architecture, ensuring software compatibility while enabling market or usage-specific innovation. It comes in three varieties – A-, R- and M-Profile optimized for different use cases.

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System Architecture

Arm system architectures cover hardware, firmware, and software and provide standardization and best practice guidance. This helps reduce costs and time to market when designing your system.

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