Our Vision and Innovation Will Shape the Future of Computing 

In 2022, our partners will have shipped 200 billion chips around the globe. The first 100 billion took 27 years. The second 100 billion will take just five. Development on Arm is rapidly accelerating, largely due to our proven, extensive history of innovation and steadfast customer support.

Soon, most digitally-shared data will be processed in some capacity on Arm-based technology. But we're not resting on our successes. Our vision and our commitment to customers continue to evolve.

New solutions, initiatives and partnerships that support that vision will soon be making an impact across the industry. The Armv9-A architecture will set a new global standard in chip design. Our Total Compute strategy will boost compute power and security to levels heretofore unseen. And our partner ecosystem will facilitate an enormous range of collaborations.

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Computex Keynote: Sparking the World's Post-Pandemic Recovery

As we begin our post-pandemic recovery, we have an opportunity to use the power of technology as a remarkable force for good. The combination of computing in the age of AI will accelerate how we tackle complex challenges surrounding climate change, security, and equitable access to technologies and connectivity. Simon Segars addresses technology's role as the epicenter to the post-pandemic recovery.

Computex Keynote: Accelerating Ubiquitous Intelligence

We are more than a year into the global pandemic and digital adoptions curves are not slowing. As a result, we're seeing an unprecedented acceleration of compute trends driven by growing demands for ubiquitous intelligence across every device on the compute spectrum. Rene Haas explains why the complex AI and ML workloads of today and tomorrow will require more than general-purpose computing.

GTC Keynote: A Vision for the Next Decade of Computing

AI, 5G, and IoT are Sparking the World’s Potential. The question is how to invisibly integrate the new intelligence everywhere by creating more responsive infrastructure that links people, processes, devices, and data seamlessly. Rene Haas discusses the forces pushing these advances and how Arm’s global developer ecosystem will react to drive the next wave of compute.

Armv9-A Packs the Potential to Change the World 

Armv9-A is Arm’s latest architecture and the most advanced chip technology ever produced. Building on our Armv8 architecture, it represents the future of compute. Over the coming decade, Armv9 will deliver significant new security features including confidential compute and a broader workload capability.


Armv9-A substantially enhances performance and efficiency. It allows partners to support faster, simpler code development and deployment, and it enables the delivery of innovative, best-in-class solutions for every industry.


Moreover, Armv9-A brings to market the power to unlock the limitless potential of Artificial Intelligence, as well as for XR, ER, AR and MR technologies that today exist only in the minds of the most creative developers.

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Total Compute Brings Compute Power, Security, and Developer Access

Arm's Total Compute initiative will provide the basis for achieving our vision. As digital experiences become richer and more immersive, backend requirements are stretched to the limits. It's clear that the industry's current approach to SoC design can't support future use cases.


Total Compute takes a holistic approach to SoC design that will meet the demands of the coming wave of innovative, interactive applications.


By evaluating the entire compute system, as well as the constituent parts, we can open the door to increased compute power, enhanced security, and ensured developer access to new tools and techniques. And we can efficiently and securely handle the multi-compute workloads of tomorrow.

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