Drive Revenue, Efficiency, and Engagement

The ability to view and predict indoor space usage and availability is critical to commercial office property managers, especially for coworking spaces and hotels.

Coworking space providers and convention hotels seek to maximize revenue through higher occupancy and improved customer focus. Also, property managers look to lower costs and enhance customer experiences with streamlined operations and improved facility instrumentation.

Arm’s Pelion Smart Spaces solutions leverage the Arm Pelion IoT Platform to provide property managers actionable insights that help them improve real estate return on investment, design spaces more efficiently, reduce operational expenditure, and enhance occupant comfort. The result is improved occupant experience, engagement, and eventually loyalty.

Streamline Operations with Actionable Insights

Pelion Smart Spaces solutions help building owners and operators modernize operations using IoT devices to realize significant savings in lighting, energy, cleaning, and maintenance.

Actionable insights drawn from device data on available spaces and their usage by occupants over time can have a direct impact on the top line of coworking spaces and hotels.


Lastly, remote management of IoT devices and unified dashboards help break down operational silos while personalizing controls based on the occasions and user preferences.

Space Analytics

Data-driven insights into space utilization and occupant experience

Space Analytics seamlessly ingests data from a variety of off-the-shelf IoT devices, such as smart cameras, beacons, sensors or smart lighting, and offers space usage insights based on machine learning through interactive visual dashboards.


Property managers can leverage heatmaps, room usage charts, and predictions to design spaces more efficiently and find opportunities for operational cost savings, for example in energy, lighting, and maintenance.


Coworking space and convention hotel operators can maximize their revenue by learning how and when members use the space to provide different membership and pricing models.


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Indoor Lighting

Easy-to-deploy customizable lighting

Indoor Lighting, offered in partnership with Prolojik, is a smart lighting solution that is simple, fast and cost-effective to deploy, saving as much as 50 percent of commissioning time. Occupancy control and daylight harvesting can offer up to 40 percent energy savings, and customers can set indoor lighting scenes that match occupant preferences or occasions.



Integration with Arm’s Pelion IoT Platform offers advanced IoT security, firmware updates over the air and cloud data analytics for multiple use cases and applications.

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Access Control

Identity-based secure access to facilities

Identity-based access using smart cameras, RFID badges, and smart locks helps break down the silos between physical security and building automation. Access Control provides policy-based smart access to specific areas for designated individuals based on user identity captured from multiple data sources and unified with minimal overhead. 

Use Cases
Innovative Business Models

Commercial offices, especially coworking spaces and convention hotels, can use innovative pricing models and membership structures based on space usage and occupancy information (e.g. frequency and duration of visits). They can upgrade occupants to better membership models and reduce revenue leakage due to misuse or misallocation of spaces.

Optimized Maintenance

Based on occupant activity, some facility areas may need more frequent upkeep than others, while other sections may not need any. Cleaning and maintenance schedules as well as catering, events and other services can be optimized according to actual usage. 

Customizable Experiences

The ability to remotely control IoT devices based on the user’s identity, preferences and other contextual information such as environmental factors and user authentication enables property managers to customize ambience, access control, room booking and other aspects of space usage based on the type of event (e.g. conference, networking event, or a social) and user profile. 

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