Secure and Connected Smart Homes Offer Productivity and Entertainment

Always-connected devices feature prominently in the modern home. From smart TVs and set-top boxes to thermostats and lighting, these devices now use both complex processor and graphics IP with simple sensor technology to make the home compute experience more comfortable and convenient. Arm offers a family of scalable, compatible IP products and software development tools that give manufacturers the flexibility to create smart home technology at a viable production cost.

Arm IP Powers Rich Media Devices

Smart TVs – The Hub of the Connected Home

One of the central features of smart homes and buildings is the smart TV (DTV), which today contains more high-performance compute than ever. If you own a smart TV, chances are it’s powered by Arm processing and graphics technology that has helped make these entertainment systems indispensable for consumers.


Cortex-A and Mali graphics processors make up a sizable number of the DTV market. Over 95 percent of smart TVs are based on the Cortex-A family of processors, while 80 percent of smart TVs shipped today are based on Mali GPUs.

Secure and Intelligent IP

The Connected Home

IoT devices that blend into the background make homes more comfortable and give homeowners new conveniences. These can be anything from enabling an owner to adjust the home thermostat while out on a hike, to ensuring the morning coffee is automatically brewed at the same time each day. Secure, unobtrusive systems eliminate manual tasks and keep us safer, happier and more productive.


Arm provides the processor IP and subsystems on which application and service developers can enable the connected home environment in a secure and intelligent manner, from voice recognition to everyday interaction with devices.

Arm-based Designs

Ecosystem-Driven Innovation

Smarter Homes at the Push of a Button

Naran’s MicroBot Push is a simple way to turn standard home appliances into smart devices, enabling users to remotely control devices that don’t have their own connectivity. The Push is particularly beneficial for people with disabilities, providing home automation and notifying care givers if appliances have not been activated as normal.

Energy Saving Systems

Ecoisme combines a utility switch and energy monitoring to record consumption and potential costs to help consumers reduce energy use and save money. Powered by the Cortex-M4 processor, Ecoisme can also integrate with smart home devices and solar energy systems to advise consumers of the best time to use, store or sell their home-generated power.

Intelligent Wireless Charging

The PowerSpot wireless power transmitter from Powercast offers synchronized, long-range wireless charging for commercial and industrial electronic devices at distances of up to 80ft. Powercast use Arm Keil MDK to compile the high-performance firmware to facilitate the superior long-range wireless power transfer.

The Latest News

A Smarter TV Experience, Powered by Arm

Arm technology sits at the heart of over 600 million home consumer devices, including smart TVs, set-top boxes (STBs) and games consoles, and is now enabling new innovations including artificial intelligence and cloud gaming.

Technology Trends Defining Set-Top Boxes

Demands for increased computation power, advanced graphics and more machine learning capabilities are driving the evolution of set-top boxes.