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Always-on devices are becoming reality for Internet of Things (IoT) homes, where the home adapts seamlessly around the family living there. These new enhanced and connected everyday objects such as smoke detectors, TVs, refrigerators, smart lighting, and heating systems are now using sensor technology to constantly gather data about the physical world around us.


The bridging of our physical and digital worlds is making our lives better, simpler, and easier. In embracing this shift, Arm offers a family of scalable, compatible IP products that provide manufacturers with the flexibility they need to simplify the creation of smart home technology at a cost that makes production viable. 


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Compute Flexibility

Every node or device that makes up the experience of the smart home requires a level of compute capabilities. Sensors for air quality monitors might need only a small level of compute, while cameras for facial recognition require more powerful capabilities. Every Arm product family encompasses needs from the smallest necessity to the most high-performance requirement. This enables the flexibility to choose the right level of compute within a familiar environment, offering a cost-effective approach that enables manufacturers to get viable products to market faster. 

Secure Behaviors

As devices become more intelligent and have access to increasing levels of personal data, it’s critical that the right security measures are in place. One vital consideration is ensuring that devices only carry out the tasks they are permitted to do and cannot be exploited to do more. For instance, a door lock should not accept commands from a light switch. Each part of a system must only do its required task and nothing more. 


It’s important to ensure that devices are protected from communication and impersonation attacks by using the right counter-measures, including enforcing password updates after devices are shipped.  

Enabling Transformational Interactions

One of the most significant transformations in the home over the coming years will be how interactions between users and devices become almost invisible and more intuitive. Voice commands, facial recognition, and gestures are replacing manual programming, and machine intelligence will increasingly hide complex and connected processes from users. 
Hardware and software solutions from Arm offer flexibility by providing the building blocks on which developers of applications and services can create the possibility for always-on devices to transform our everyday lives. 

The Evolving Smart Home

A smart home is a complex system that requires diverse technology components and advanced software, yet the technology must be easy to use and available at a consumer cost point. Devices must not only connect to one another, and to cloud systems, but also anticipate evolving services and enhanced automation capabilities.


A host of Arm products and solutions play a role in this evolution. Arm Cordio IP solutions enable partners to build on Bluetooth and other connectivity standards for a broad range of connected devices. Our image signal processing and vision technologies are powering home vision sensors to expertly detect objects and human faces. Connecting all this intelligence to the cloud and managing deployments is our Pelion IoT Platform software, which securely provisions and manages devices for evolving services. Together, Arm provides the solutions on which to efficiently and flexibly design, develop, and deploy smart home devices, both now and for the future.

Use Cases
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Intuitive Interfaces

Voice user interface devices, like Amazon Echo, already allow us to set timers and perform basic automation tasks. As smart homes evolve, we’ll see beds communicating with lighting and calendars to choose the best time to wake a sleeper, or facial recognition that ensures parental controls over the programming that children can see.

Connectivity and Mesh Networking

A mesh network is one where each node can relay data to the rest of the network and nodes, thus allowing multiple paths for connectivity if a node become unavailable. Instead of giving every smart light bulb everything required for it to communicate with a gateway, for example, mesh networking allows a network of simpler light bulbs that connect with just one that has the extended connectivity and compute power, thus reducing costs.

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Platform Security Architecture

Platform Security Architecture (PSA) is the first common industry framework for building secure, connected devices. Supported by many of the biggest names in the industry, PSA is a fundamental shift in the economics of IoT security, enabling ecosystems to build on a common set of ground rules to reduce the cost, time, and risk associated with IoT security today.

Pelion IoT Platform

The Pelion IoT Platform is a flexible, secure, and efficient foundation spanning connectivity, device, and data management. It accelerates the time to value of your IoT deployments by helping you easily connect trusted IoT devices on global networks, invisibly administer them, and extract real-time data from them to drive competitive advantage.

Cortex-A and Cortex-M Processor Series

The Cortex-A and Cortex-M processor series are designed for IoT applications. Cortex-A processors power intelligent solutions, from edge to cloud, for next-generation experiences. The Arm Cortex-M processor family is Arm's smallest and lowest-power suite of CPUs. They're optimized for deterministic, real-time embedded processing and microcontroller applications.

Object Detection Processor

The Object Detection processor is the most efficient way to detect people and objects on embedded platforms. By recording only when predefined events are detected, it limits data streams to just a few kilobytes, enhancing privacy and significantly reducing bandwidth and cloud storage. 

Security IP

Arm provides a range of security subsystems for platform-level security, as well as acceleration and offloading. Arm CryptoCell enables SoC designers to trade off area, power, performance, or robustness so that SoC designs can be optimized to achieve the most appropriate security level for the target market. The CryptoIsland family provides a fully isolated subsystem, providing a similar set of security services, with the addition of greater scope for programmability and reuse.

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Smart Home Adaption

Ambient invisible computing will create smart homes that seamlessly adapt to their occupants and connect intelligence across the home. The future is already here with home objects and devices of all kinds becoming smart and connected. The next wave will start with the roll-out of applications that combine information from multiple different objects to extract a higher level of insight into a family’s habits.

Sound Recognition Enhances the Smart Home Market

The popularity and familiarity of voice assistants have transferred to the smart home ecosystem, and voice has quickly become the standard user interface. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are improving sound recognition.