Advancing AR and VR Experiences

The ongoing virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed-reality revolution demonstrates the power and potential of immersion in specialty systems and use cases. Challenges such as battery life, computer vision, and pixel density beyond 4K must be addressed for successful AR and VR experiences. All this computation must also be performed within a fixed 2-watt to 3-watt thermal budget, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with ever-smaller devices.


Powering AR and VR Devices

Arm focuses on developing technology innovations that power the next generation of AR/VR devices. Arm CPU and GPU technology delivers a number of benefits, including improved performance and increased power efficiency. As features and capabilities become more complex, increased compute performance will be a necessary requirement; however, the various compute-intensive tasks need to be carried out in a power-efficient manner. As the features on wearable AR and VR devices continue to evolve, the highly-integrated compute solutions based on Arm IP delivered by our innovative partners will continue to increase this much-needed efficiency.

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The New Reality for Mobile Gaming: The VR/AR Opportunity

Dive into this report to learn about the AR and VR technology landscapes, what the future potential is for each on mobile and how they are helping to drive the growth of mobile devices and gaming.

Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM)

SLAM has the potential to improve and fundamentally change the lives of consumers and businesses in the future. Learn more about SLAM, and which five markets can expect to see a big impact from this technology.

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Learn more about the role of Arm in supporting AR/VR devices.

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Arm mobile partners deliver exceptional experiences to millions of users across industries and on multiple devices. Discover the benefits of becoming an Arm mobile partner and join industry leaders innovating for the future.

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Arm and its global partner ecosystem is one of the largest, most prolific and creative communities of product innovators. We’re providing power-efficient intelligence as the foundation for transformative applications and business ideas. See how Arm makes smart possible.

A Total Compute Approach to Delivering Digital Immersion

Total Compute represents a new approach to IP design focusing on use-case driven optimized system solutions.