Transforming Industry with Intelligent End-to-End Solutions

Industrial modernization and the shift to smart manufacturing has sparked innovations in automation, robotics and the industrial internet of things (IIoT). Introducing artificial intelligence (AI), interoperability and secure connectivity enables real-time monitoring, control and optimization of processes, resources and systems – all of which can lead to greater productivity, increased safety and reduced costs.

Arm’s scalable solutions and strong ecosystem of partners allow our customers to operate seamlessly across a single architecture from sensor to cloud, whilst addressing varied performance, real-time, functional safety and security needs.

The Architecture of Choice for Smart Manufacturing

Arm technology enables workload consolidation with a single, scalable architecture and a portfolio of advanced heterogeneous solutions, helping to reduce hardware infrastructure and energy consumption. Arm-based technology provides the right processing power for a wide range of factory applications, from small control modules to complex robotics using computer vision and machine learning (ML).


Arm technology provides reliability, precision and low latency for efficient, continuous industrial operations, regardless of cycle time requirement. Our extensive portfolio of scalable processors support predictive maintenance and machine-to-machine communications, so equipment repairs can be planned before faults occur and production lines can be monitored and adjusted in real-time.


Our security solutions are designed to protect hardware, software and networks by preventing physical and remote interference. Our comprehensive approach ensures the right level of robustness to match each application’s needs, whether securing cyber-physical systems, protecting data or defending products from counterfeiting and cloning. Arm security products support the Platform Security Architecture (PSA) approach. PSA Certified is an independent certification scheme mapped to key industry standards, including IEC 62443 which is designed to secure industrial automation and control systems (IACS).

Functional Safety

Integrated functional safety is critical to safeguarding the working environment. Arm offers advanced technologies compliant with international safety certifications, such as IEC 61508. Our Safety Ready portfolio supports the highest levels of functional safety required for human-to-machine interaction. A collaborative approach to manufacturing enables autonomous robots to undertake repetitive and mundane tasks reliably, while humans can focus on critical thinking and complex production line decisions.

Device-to-Data Platform for Connected IoT

Industrial organizations are increasingly investing in IIoT to improve operational visibility and insights that can help streamline manufacturing processes. Taking the complexity out of connecting, deploying and managing devices in the field is key to IoT success. Arm offers IoT services to support the remote management of a broad range of manufacturing industry devices. These services include Pelion Device Management for securely managing onboarding, patching, updates and the health monitoring of devices, and Pelion Connectivity Management to connect devices securely, regardless of deployment location.


Build Once with eSIM: the Opportunity for Manufacturers

With eSIM technology, manufacturers can open up new markets and revenue streams with out-of-the-box products that "just work."  No need to negotiate individual contracts with new mobile network operators in each region or manage connections across multiple platforms.  Manufacturers can focus on improved customer experiences, data insights, and reduced operational costs that benefit their business.

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Cortex-A Processor


The Cortex-A processor series is designed for complex compute tasks, such as hosting a rich operating system platform and supporting multiple software applications.

Cortex-M Processors


The Cortex-M processor family is Arm's smallest and lowest power suite of CPUs, providing area and energy efficiency for demanding industrial applications. Cortex-M based processors are at the heart of the sensor hub, delivering advanced signal-processing capabilities to support smart manufacturing.

Cortex-R Processors


The Cortex-R processor series is designed for implementation on advanced silicon processes where high performance, real-time, and cost-effective processing is required. Cortex-R processors are ideal for use in electronic systems that must be functionally safe, such as in production lines and human machine interfaces (HMI).

Device Management

Pelion Device Management

The Pelion Device Management solution provides flexible, secure, and efficient IoT management capabilities for a range of device profiles. It can be deployed as a cloud solution, as an on-premises solution with cloud-like capabilities, or as a hybrid solution.

Mbed OS

Mbed OS

Mbed OS is an open-source, embedded operating system which includes all the necessary features to facilitate the development of IoT connected products, including standards-based security and connectivity stacks, an RTOS, and drivers for sensors and I/O devices.

Ethos Processors

Ethos Processors

The Arm Ethos processor series delivers the highest throughput and efficiency in the lowest area for Machine Learning inference from cloud to edge to endpoint.

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