Global Artificial Intelligence Survey

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the most talked-about technology of our time. But AI’s present and future mean many things to many people. We commissioned this survey, with the help of Northstar Research Partners, to gain insight into what consumers think about AI’s usefulness today and its promise for tomorrow.

What we discovered was astonishing.

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AI Survey Security Results


Hacking exploits of one size or another occur almost daily, and data security is a major concern for both consumers and companies. The sheer potential scale of AI’s reach in consumer and IoT applications makes security even more crucial.

People are deeply concerned about security (85%) and where their data is stored in the network, be it in edge devices or the cloud.

AI Survey Results Healthcare


Given the mountains of health care data piling up around the world, the medical industry stands to be one of the first great proving grounds for AI technology. The idea of "robot doctors," capable of assimilating vast amounts of knowledge and techniques in real time, is fast gaining credibility in healthcare circles.

AI Survey Automotive Results


Consumers have tended to embrace driving technologies that take away the stress and routine of driving. In fact, autonomous vehicles promise not only to make driving a safer, easier experience, they could revolutionize transportation and urban planning. 70% would trust autonomous vehicles to whisk their families around town.

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AI Survey Society Results

Future Promise

Conversations about artificial intelligence tend to go in one of two directions. Will it bring us a rampaging-robot chaos, or will AI make the world a much better place? As it turns out, 61% of people see artificial intelligence making the world a better place.

The biggest benefits are seen in advances in healthcare, science and traffic control.