Exploring Next-Generation Technology

Navigating today’s ever-changing technology landscape is one thing. Imagining this landscape 20 years from now, and solving the problems that will arise there, is another. That’s exactly what our research teams strive to do. Through a combination of in-house research and collaboration with academic and industrial partners, we analyze the disruptions impacting our industry and create advanced solutions, many years ahead of deployment.

Our Research Areas
Computer Architecture

Applications are rapidly evolving, putting pressure on architecture to balance generality and specialization. Our Architecture research focuses on innovations across abstraction layers to maximize performance, efficiency, cost, and security. 

High Performance Compute

The mission of our HPC research is to enable Arm-powered supercomputers. We look to address gaps in computational capabilities and data movement, and provide world-class tools for compilation, analysis, and debug for large-scale systems.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is finding increasing application across all compute tasks. Our research enables the ubiquitous application of energy-efficient machine learning by developing advanced hardware, software, and algorithms for this rapidly evolving area. 

Materials, Devices, Circuits

The end of Moore's Law does not signal an end to demand for increased performance, efficiency, and integration — connecting intelligent devices in every domain. Our materials, devices and circuits research explores innovative fundamental technologies, enabling applications which are not yet possible.


As the world becomes more connected, trust and security are of greater importance than ever before. Our security research aims to identify and counter potential security risks, increase trust, and reduce the chance of security breaches in future products and devices. 

Software and Services

Compute at scale, whether on IoT platforms, network infrastructure, or cloud-based data centers requires new approaches for the software and services being deployed on them. Our research explores innovative technologies that lower the barriers for our partners to deploy valuable and secure solutions and derive insights from data wherever compute happens. 

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