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Research is a central part of our work at Arm and in a year like no other, our teams have pulled together to continue to drive innovation across all areas of compute through impeccable research.


As I wrote recently in Arm Blueprint, the three things that were key to Arm’s early success – patience, focus, and vision – are no less fundamental today than they were when Arm was founded 30 years ago. And this rings true in our approach to research as teams explore issues ranging from what’s next in the Arm architecture, to redefining the boundaries of SoC design, to next generation ML applications, along with how we develop increasingly complex distributed systems while ensuring they are protected by robust security protocols.


The Arm ecosystem thrives on partnership and we are fortunate to have established close research collaborations with many leading universities, research institutions, and industrial partners around the world. These partners play a valuable role in progressing compute capabilities, and by working closely with Arm, they are able to target the areas and applications which are likely to have a significant impact on our industry. We share this work through regular contributions to academic conferences, journals, and open-source initiatives, so that the ecosystem benefits from our research, too.


In addition, we’ve enhanced our academic initiatives to make it easier than ever to conduct research using Arm IP, and in this new era of online learning we’ve made our educational content readily available. This helps ensure computer engineering education remains accessible for the next generation of engineers and researchers at every level.


Arm continues to drive positive, sustainable impact through technology that aims to leave no one behind. Each of our research projects is undertaken with this in mind as we ensure we have the right people to develop the technology. Last year, we shared our work toward creating truly inclusive research teams, comprising people with diverse backgrounds and experience, and how this is key to the delivery of future innovation.


We’re excited to see what's in store for Arm Research in 2021 and beyond. Read on to learn more about our work, and see how we are working to unleash the potential of compute across the ecosystem and beyond.

Portrait of Dipesh Patel
Dipesh Patel, Chief Technology Officer

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