Enabling Innovation through
Research and Education

Research and Education work closely with academic and industry partners to support technology innovation and talent development throughout computing.

Arm Research teams explore the latest technological developments across all fields of computing, collaborating with partners to discover and develop new technologies and capabilities.

Arm Education provides access to the latest tools, technologies and educational materials from Arm and the Arm ecosystem, empowering today’s researchers and students and equipping tomorrow’s engineers with the knowledge and skills necessary for their future careers.


Collaborating to look beyond today’s products, identifying problems and opportunities to generate better future experiences. We combine in-house research with academic and industry collaborations, working on the most advanced computing technology, many years ahead of deployment.

University Program

Enabling research and teaching through a variety of teaching materials, hardware platforms, software development tools, IP, and other resources for educators, students, and researchers to access the latest technology from Arm and our ecosystem partners.

Arm Education Media

Offering interactive online courses and e-first textbooks to enable academics, students, professional engineers and the wider training market to keep up with the latest industry developments and close the skill gap faced by today’s job market.