Device Management Edge

Crucial Device Management Capabilities to Onboard, Control and Manage Devices Using IoT Gateways

Gateways play a critical role in IoT networks by acting as a bridge between local wired and wirelessly connected devices, and in many cases running local applications to control devices. Enterprises deploying gateways with Device Management Edge can be assured of high uptime and ability to recover quickly from hardware failure through rich gateway management capabilities. They will be able to create and deploy simple rules across their network to manage IoT device endpoints uninterrupted, even if the gateway loses connectivity to the cloud.

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Device Management Edge Offers the Ability to Connect to and Manage IP and Legacy Connected Devices, Gateway Management and Diagnostics, and Edge Compute

Protocol Translation

Many legacy devices connect using communication protocols that are not IPcompatible, such as Modbus and BACnet. Device Management Edge enables these protocols to be translated into IP so non-IP devices can connect to Pelion Device Management and be managed alongside other IP connected devices.

Gateway Management

Device Management Edge offers a set of capabilities to increase resiliency of IoT gateways and minimize costly down time. Key capabilities include alarm notifications, process, resource, and interface management, alongside detailed diagnostic capabilities.

Edge Compute

Device Management Edge provides a local application execution environment and compute resources to enable processing of rules and data on the gateway itself. This capability also enables the gateway to take independent action if the connection to the cloud is lost, thereby minimizing productivity down time.