Experience the next wave of cloud computing with Fermyon. Founded by seasoned hyperscaler cloud engineers from Microsoft Azure and Kubernetes, Fermyon is using WebAssembly to build a new kind of cloud computing whose unique characteristics make it perfect for running serverless functions.

Fermyon offers an open source developer tool, Spin, for rapidly building serverless apps powered by WebAssembly. When ready, Spin can deploy to Fermyon Cloud in seconds. Or, Spin can deploy to small or large Kubernetes clusters using the open source SpinKube (CNCF contributed project) or paid Fermyon Platform for Kubernetes to achieve application density of up to 5,000 apps per node and throughput gains of up to 75%.

Of particular value for Arm customers is that Spin, SpinKube, and Fermyon Platform for Kubernetes work across almost all CPU architectures, including and especially Arm - enabling far less expensive cloud compute. With a 192 Core Arm from Ampere, experience >1.5M requests per secon

Solution Briefs

  • thumbnail: Achieving Improved Transaction Processing with Arm and Fermyon Spin
    Achieving Improved Transaction Processing with Arm and Fermyon Spin

    Serverless computing offloads the complex tasks of managing cloud-native infrastructure on behalf of developers. Learn how the WebAssembly standard makes serverless portable and blazingly fast.

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