Ceva is the leader in innovative silicon and software IP solutions
that enable smart edge products to connect, sense, and infer data more reliably and efficiently.

The Smart Edge runs on Ceva!
At Ceva, we are passionate about the smart edge. Providing the technology and market expertise our customers need to be successful is what we do best, and we’ve been doing it for over 30 years.

With the industry’s only portfolio of comprehensive communications and scalable edge AI IP, Ceva powers the connectivity, sensing, and inference in today’s most advanced smart edge products across consumer IoT, mobile, automotive, infrastructure, industrial, and personal computing. More than 17 billion of the world’s most innovative smart edge products from smartphones to drones to cellular base stations and more are powered by Ceva.

We create innovative technologies that help our customers turn great ideas into extraordinary products. We license our portfolio of wireless communications and scalable edg

Solution Briefs

  • thumbnail: Ceva Clear Vox
    Ceva Clear Vox

    An Audio Front End software suite, combining classical signal processing algorithms and cutting edge NN based algorithms to provide Direction of Arrival, Echo cancellation, and Noise suppression for both single and multi mic systems.

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  • thumbnail: Ceva WhisPro
    Ceva WhisPro

    A unique software suite of end-to-end NN voice sensing algorithms addressing Wake Word Detection, Voice Commands, and Speaker Verification.

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  • thumbnail: Ceva MotionEngine
    Ceva MotionEngine

    Ceva MotionEngine combines high accuracy 6-axis and 9-axis sensor fusion, dynamic sensor calibration, and many application specific features such as cursor control, gesture recognition, activity tracking, context awareness, and AR/VR stabilization.

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