What is Immersive Gaming?

Immersive games are video games that transport the player into an alternative world where techniques are used to make them feel more like the character they’re playing. This is achieved through a combination of good game flow, fully developed storylines, and extreme realism made possible by cutting-edge graphics. A realistic, open world—fortified with remarkable graphics—is a key element in making games captivating. As the compute power of smartphones increases and 5G becomes prevalent, mobile latency and buffering issues are diminishing, allowing game studios to create seamless gaming experiences for users, even as they transition between consoles, laptops, and mobile devices.

Why is Immersive Gaming Important?

The world of gaming is evolving. Sensory stimulation is quickly becoming an integral part of the gaming experience and, in the process, making hand-held controller games feel dated and minimally engaging. To attract customers, gaming designers are now incorporating significantly enhanced, sensorial, full-body experiences, involving augmented realities (AR) and complete virtual-reality (VR) simulations. Arm is at the center of immersive gaming experiences from the cloud to the edge and endpoint. We work with partners such as Hatch, Google, Epic and Unity to optimize mobile gaming performance on Arm-based SoCs.


Arm experts discuss what high-fidelity gaming is and why, due to the advancing compute capabilities of today's mobile devices, high-fidelity or immersive gaming is on the rise on mobile devices.

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