Arm Research Summit 2020
Global Technology Challenges: A Sustainable, Secure Future for Society

September 9-11, 2020 | A Virtual Event

The Arm Research Summit 2020 is going virtual! We will still be bringing academics, researchers and industry experts together to discuss their own projects, discover the latest developments across a wide range of different fields, and make new connections for future collaborative opportunities.


Registration is now open! Secure your free place at the first virtual Arm Research Summit, and join delegates from across the world to find solutions to our global technology challenges, with sustainability, security and society at the center.

Inspiring Talks

Our multi-day program offers insight into groundbreaking technological developments. 2019 encompassed Security, Machine Learning, HPC, and much more.

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Secure your free place at the virtual Arm Research Summit 2020 and hear how technological advancements are set to preserve our environment, protect our data, and take care of our society.

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The Summit offers the opportunity to connect with Arm researchers, academics, and industry experts across all fields. Find out more about some of the challenges facing our industry, and our latest work.

Code of Conduct

The Arm Research Summit Code of Conduct promotes inclusivity, fairness and professional behaviour before, during and after the conference. By attending the Arm Research Summit 2020, delegates agree to adhere to the Code of Conduct. Any instances where it is not followed will be reported to the relevant parties. For more information, please click below.

Highlights of Summit 2019

The fourth-annual Arm Research Summit – held in Austin, Texas – focused on collaboration across all disciplines within computing.

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