Humax RG-100 Digital Satellite Set-top-box

Humax RG-100 Digital Satellite Set-top-box Image (View Larger Humax RG-100 Digital Satellite Set-top-box Image)

The Humax RG-100 Digital Satellite Set-top-box is equipped with the latest technology and design. The RG-100 is a new IPTV decoder device built-in Digital Satellite Receiver with one common Interface Slot and capable of Personal Video Recording. Viewers will now be able to enjoy both outstanding stability and comfort in this affordable set-top box, loaded with the very best technology Humax offers.

ARM Processor:  ARM9 processor

Silicon Supplier: TI DM6443 DaVinci Processor

Operating System: Microsoft Windows CE.Net 5.0


  • Digital Set-top box:
    Scrambled channel receivable with DVB CI.
    MPEG-II Digital & Fully DVB Compliant.
    Max. 5000 channels receivable.
    Channel list mode in All, Favorite, Satellite, Scrambled.
    Finding Channels by name.
    5 Favorite channel groups(Max. 100 channels in each group).
    Channel search in automatic, manual and network search.
    Channel sorting by Channel Number, Alphabet, FTA.
    Installation Wizard helps easy and automatic installation
    Step by step.
    DiSEqCversion 1.0, 1.2 USALS compliant(2.0 compatible)
    Timer Settings Supports automatic Turn-On and Off daily.
    Subtitle supports EBU and DVB subtitle.
    Teletext Supports DVB ETS300472 by VBI insertion.
    Dolby Digital Audio Output(Optical).
    Auto language selection of program for Audio language
    with user setting in menu.
    PAL/NTSC In and Out.
    Video format in 4:3, 16:9 and letterbox.
    English, German and more than 10 European and Asian OSD languages.
    Parental control with block on system, all channels and programs
    by age limitation.
    Software Upgrade via OTA and serial connection(RS-232C).
    User-friendly EPG and Information Plate.
    Extended information shows the full program information.
  • Personal Video Recorder:
    Momentous pause and play with button during A/V watching.
    Fast Forward & Fast Rewind in various speeds.
    Jump to live program.
    Slow Motion to Forward & Backward in various speeds.
    Automatic rewind for a time and play with button(Instant Replay)
    Time shift recording for 30 Minutes.
    Recording live channels and stop.
    Recording reservation in EPG information.
    Recording reservation with setting start time and duration.
    Play back of recorded services with Trick play modes.
    Built-in hard disk drive.
  • IPTV Decoder:
    Latest operating system of WinCE.Net 5.0 from Microsoft
    WMT9 Media Player
    Browsing with Internet Explorer 6.0
    Flash experience with Macromedia Flash 6.0
    Full compatible to T-Online Vision such as VOD, Web Mail, Web-Portal etc.

Source: Texas Instruments


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