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Children in a classroom using tablets


Our aim is to help to make a difference to education by supporting teachers and children to learn with technology.

We know that technology in education has had a mixed reception over the last decade. Sometimes, let’s admit it, the focus has been on novelty rather than on sustained educational impact.

We want to help those interested in technology for education to learn from the experiences of the past, by drawing on the available education research as a starting point for the future.

We believe that the teacher must be at the center of this: a trained professional, expert at facilitating learning in the classroom.

At ARM we value partnerships and recognize that many partners have a role to play in this area, including education institutions, governments, education content providers, and technology partners. For education, we have reached out beyond our normal and wide commercial network to engage experts in education from the University of Cambridge, the Humanitarian Centre, Code Club, Computing At School, and Raspberry Pi.

You can help by contacting our education team with your questions or to tell us about your interests and projects.

ARM Educational Partnership

Learn more about ARM Educational Partnership (AEP), and how we can help to make a difference.

21st century learning in Zambia

21st Featuring iSchool and OER4Schools Programme on interactive teaching techniques use ARM-based tablets. 

Introducing Tablets with Google Play for Education

Schools in Hillsborough, New Jersey were among the first to try out Nexus 7 tablets with Google Play for Education. See the difference it made for students, teachers, and administrators.


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