Solving Complex Software Bugs on ARM Processors


On Demand


Robert Catherall


15:00 GMT



The debug capability of a typical ARM based SoC has evolved a lot since ARM first added a JTAG connection to the processor core. A modern SoC built around the CoreSight™ debug architecture contains numerous hardware blocks that engineers can use to solve a variety of complex and change-sensitive Heisenbugs. This webinar will offer some practical applications using the ARM Development Studio 5 (DS-5™) Debugger for both the conventional features for stop/go debug and the trace based blocks designed to have low or zero intrusion.

Who should attend:

Designers familiar with embedded software development and working with an ARM Cortex processor-based device will benefit from a better understanding of the debug capabilities of their SoC. Examples will be given using a system running Linux but should be applicable to bare-metal and other operating systems.

Walk away points:

  • The CoreSight debug architecture and specific debug features
  • An understanding of how program and system trace can be used to find and solve bugs that are otherwise difficult to fix
  • Relevant parts of the DS-5 debugger

Presenter: Robert Catherall, Product Manager, Debug Tools, ARM

Robert Catherall is a software engineer, and product manager for the debug and analysis tools produced by the System Design Division within ARM. Robert has been with ARM for about 10 years, supporting, using and developing the tools. Prior to this he worked on safety critical automotive software for the major car manufacturers and tier one suppliers.


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