An Embedded Security Platform for High Performance SoCs

The Arm CryptoCell-700 family offers an outstanding level of security to target a broad set of threats (including ones involving physical tampering with the device), while addressing requirements for increased system complexity, high performance, low power consumption and small footprint. The CryptoCell-713 focuses on delivering high-performance, robust, platform security for Mobile, DTV and STB.

Features and Benefits

Improved User Experience

Hardware-based performance acceleration helps improve the user experience through speed and power.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Energy efficient performance, particularly critical to battery operated devices.

Enhanced Platform Security

A secure development, manufacturing, and usage model for ICs and devices. This includes the efficient implementation of a rich set of cryptographic services.

Brand-name and IP Protection

Through enforcement of code authentication and confidentiality, the IP allows fine granularity of debug control, and separated authorization paths for different owners of assets in the device.

Shortening Time to Market

With Simple and easy integration packages on both the hardware and firmware, along with a credibly FIPS 140-2 certification. CryptoCell-700 family enables a shorter time to market.

Enabling Secure Machine Learning Solutions

Enabling machine learning such as face & object ID enabled by security IP to protect assets.

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