Build a Secure System-on-Chip for Constrained IoT Devices

The Arm Corstone-102 contains many elements to help SoC designers build secure systems faster. It provides a solid base for constrained SoC design, using Arm Cortex-M processors with TrustZone technology for hardware-enforced isolation.

Features and Benefits

Fast Time to Market

Save engineering work that could be invested in differentiation. The Corstone-102 integrates the processor together with the most relevant system components, to form a subsystem that is configurable and modifiable.

Security Built-in

Speed up time to security and reduce risk with Corstone-102, designed according to Platform Security Architecture (PSA) principles and built with Arm TrustZone technology.

Reduce Costs

SoC designers can benefit from reduced development costs, as well as out-of-the-box testbenches, extensive resources and the ability to reuse one Corstone for several SoC variations.

Components of the Corstone-102

The Corstone-102 includes a number of flexible subsystems and system IP blocks that provide the perfect starting point for SoC design. Explore the components of Corstone-102 by clicking the hot spots below.


本製品やその他の有用なArm IPに無制限にアクセスするためには、
Arm Flexible Accessをご利用ください。すべての企業が低コストで利用できます。

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Compare Corstone

There are a range of Corstone reference packages available depending on device requirements. Explore the right option for your project.

Security IP

Additional security IP helps protect devices from software, physical, lifecycle, and communication attacks.

Cortex-M23 Processor

The smallest and lowest-power microcontroller with TrustZone security, making it the ideal processor for applications where software isolation and software security are required.

Cortex-M3 Processor

The optimal balance between area, performance, and power makes the Cortex-M3 processor ideal for small, IoT devices. It has been deployed in billions of devices across a broad set of embedded applications and is backed by a rich ecosystem of software and tools.

Getting Started

Explore resources and documentation to help you start developing with Corstone-102.

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