Second-generation Bifrost-based High-Performance Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

Tailored for high-fidelity gaming and complex ML workloads

Through advanced technologies and arithmetic optimizations tailored to complex machine learning (ML) and high-fidelity gaming use cases, Mali-G72 provides a range of performance and efficiency improvements compared to devices based on previous generation Bifrost GPUs.

Features and Benefits

Built for Advanced ML and Mobile Gaming

High-performance GPU designed for complex ML and high-fidelity mobile gaming use cases through advanced ML and graphics technologies and optimizations.

Arithmetic Optimizations for Efficiency and Performance

Arithmetic optimizations provide 25% high-energy efficiency, 20% better performance density, and 40% improved performance than devices based on previous generation Bifrost GPUs.

Advanced Technologies Increase Tile Memory

Advanced technologies like clause shaders and full system coherency increase tile buffer memory support by up to 16x multisample anti-aliasing (MSAA) at minimal performance cost.



最も多くの成果を上げたテクノロジーの1つであるスマートフォンは、世界で最もダイナミックなパーソナルコンピューターであり、40億人以上とつながることができます。 Armは、スマートフォンにあるあらゆるものを強化するCPUテクノロジーを開発しています。

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