A Machine to Take Society to the Next Level

The Fugaku Supercomputer is not even officially launched yet, but it’s already serving its founding purpose of helping humans live better lives.

Get to Know Fugaku

2021 sees the official launch of the fastest, most powerful computer ever built — the Fugaku Supercomputer. Recently installed at the RIKEN Center for Computational Science in Kobe, Japan, it's 100 times faster than its predecessor. This means the opportunity to advance science and human knowledge far beyond where we are today.

This is a machine that is on track to help advance medicine, predict and mitigate natural disasters, solve energy problems, tackle climate change and study the origins of the universe. But, a year before its official launch, the Fugaku Supercomputer has already been put to work on the greatest challenge of our lifetimes — helping in the fight against COVID-19.

Fugaku photo credit: RIKEN

Powered by Arm Technology

Fugaku is remarkable in every way. This stadium-sized machine has a total of 432 racks with a total of 158,976 Arm-powered A64FX processors. Not only does it represent the pinnace of Arm Neoverse performance and efficiency, it will it be a key player in realizing Japan’s vision for their Society 5.0 — a society that balances economic advancement with health, happiness and the resolution of social problems.


We are excited to play a role in this monumental piece of technology and the innovation it will make possible throughout its lifespan.

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