Latest episode: Integrating Wearables

As the role of smartwatches expands into autonomous machine-learning devices for our wellness, medical, and convenience needs, they are becoming more prevalent among children and seniors. Join Arm insider Martin Bradley, Omate CEO Laurent Le Pen, and technologist Poppy Crum for a look into the future of wearables.

Expanding Television

See how television is changing from a simple screen for entertainment to a central dashboard for home technologies, and more, with technologist Poppy Crum, Mediabox CEO James Muir, and Arm insider Andrea Luigi Cantone.

Data Empowerment

Explore mobile blockchain’s potential to create a globally decentralized web where every user controls their own experiences, with technologist Poppy Crum, Arm Director of Mobile Steve Raphael, and Minima co-founders Hugo Feiler, Paddy Cerri, and Jonathan MacDonald.

AI and Education

AI enables edge-device digital assistants to reduce the complexity of classroom devices and applications so teachers can spend more time teaching. New Reality host Poppy Crum, Merlyn Mind CEO Satya Nitta, and Arm insider Michael Lu take a closer look at the future of education.

Feedback and Simulation

Technology and neuroplasticity? In this episode, host Poppy Crum discusses how technology changes us as we engage with it. We see these principles put into action with Florio, a company using mobile devices and VR to improve the lives of children and adults with autism.

Immersion and Engagement

What’s next for immersive engagement on screen-based mobile devices? Futurist Poppy Crum, Leia CEO David Fattal, and Arm’s Rahoul Varma explore the power of nanotechnology and AI to deliver ultra-realistic 3D experiences.

Poppy Crum portrait

About the Host

Dr. Poppy Crum

Highly regarded in the technology sector and academic circles, Dr. Poppy Crum is a visionary futurist and neuroscientist whose work sits at the intersection of technology advancement and human evolution.

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Distributed Healthcare

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Sharing the Invisible

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Season 1 Hosts

John Romero

The programming icon whose work spans 130+ games, including Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM, and Quake.

Geof Wheelwright

Veteran journalist, author, broadcaster, and frontline tech-industry observer.