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The Arm Mali-G31 is the first ultra-efficient GPU based on the innovative Bifrost architecture. Bringing the benefits of Bifrost to a whole new tier of device, Mali-G31 builds on the success of the previous ultra-efficient products in the Mali-400 Utgard series. With significant energy and area savings compared to the next level of device, plus support for the very latest APIs, Mali-G31 is the GPU of choice for lower-cost devices.

Features and Benefits

Cost-Effective for Complex UI

Being the smallest GPU to support Open Gl ES 3.2 and Vulkan, Mali-G31 allows millions more users to access more complex content.

Reduced Bandwidth

As the first ultra-efficient GPU with integrated AFBC, Mali-G31 saves bandwidth across the whole solution.

Use Cases

Where Innovation and Ideas Come to Life

Mainstream Mobile

Mali-G31 is the smallest processor to be able to support not only OpenGL ES 3.2, but also the more recent Khronos API, Vulkan. This means that the vast energy efficiencies and optimizations enabled by these APIs are accessible to developers across a whole new performance tier of content, which can now work across all tiers of Mali-powered devices. More games and applications will be available across more devices, allowing more people to play them. As a result, developers can reach a bigger market and sustain the next phases of their app development.

Smart TV

Mali-G31 was designed to make sure the future of DTV is in safe hands. With its 20 percent smaller area, it reduces cost for silicon manufacturers while still providing the performance for user interface-specific workloads. Implemented together with the other new Mali Multimedia Suite products—Mali-V52 and Mali-D51—these brand-new mainstream solutions bring significant performance and efficiency uplifts, as well as providing a competitive advantage to our customers.

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