Secure Debug Channel

CoreSight SDC-600 addresses device security needs by allowing silicon and tool vendors to enforce protection and to police debug access, and by working closely with cryptographic elements and debug certificate authentication. 

Features and Benefits

Complete End-to-End Security Solution

CoreSight SDC-600 works efficiently with Arm CoreSight IP and Arm Security IP to provide reliable and predictable security implementation for authenticating debug accesses.  

Promotes an Efficient Ecosystem

CoreSight SDC-600 implements the Arm recommended communication protocol, which enables efficient handshake communication between an external agent and target system.

Robust First Layer of Protection

The Arm CoreSight SDC-600 Secure Debug Channel, provides a dedicated path to a debugged system for authenticating debug accesses.

Use Cases

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The debug element is one of the most commonly targeted system parts for attacks. Talk to an expert to learn how you can ensure your debug access is protected.

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SDC-600 Resources

Everything you need to know to make the right decision for your project. Includes technical documentation, industry insights, and where to go for expert advice.



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