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Arm provides the automotive industry with a foundational compute architecture and IP solutions that make it easy for partners to innovate, deliver AI capabilities throughout the vehicle, and help accelerate time to market for software products and services.

Along with the world’s largest automotive partner ecosystem, Arm helps solve end-to-end challenges, maximize brand differentiation, and digitalize the customer experience.

An Ecosystem of Trust

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Partner Testimonials

Our growing ecosystem of automotive partners is helping redefine the future of driving on Arm. See what they have to say.

Partners Testimonials

Automotive OEMs & Tier-1s

Automotive Partners logo - Continentals

“When it comes to the software defined vehicle, Continental has developed the CAEdge framework to enable the integration of different applications to state-of-the-art automotive integration silicon platforms. Through the partnership with Arm, we ensure that the CAEdge framework can rely on the full potential of the latest technologies. We especially value the fact that the Arm architecture offers compute parity between the cloud and vehicle platforms. This allows us to test in-vehicle software functionality on cloud-based compute instances.”

- Gilles Mabire, CTO Continental Automotive, Continental

Automotive Partner logo - Denso

"Denso and Arm have a long-standing relationship including our most recent collaboration on mixed criticality and safety applications with the SOAFEE initiative. We are excited about the new technologies and solutions that Arm is announcing to help make the software defined vehicle a reality and look forward to working closely together in the future."

- Norio Fujimori, Senior Director(Fellow), Denso

Automotive Partner logo - Desay

"Desay SV has a complete blueprint in intelligent driving and software with one-box solutions targeting central zone control. We are pleased to see Arm release new high-performing products with functional safety enabled. It will provide the technical guarantee for automotive safety computing to enable Desay SV to drive a safer, more comfortable, and efficient mobility experience."

- Li Huang, Vice President and General Manager of Central Technology, Desay SV

Automotive Partners logo - Hitachi Astemo

“Hitachi Astemo has been collaborating with Arm and other automotive industry leaders to implement the SOAFEE framework for our Internet of Vehicles platform. As compute demands for the software defined vehicle grow, we are happy to see Arm bring new innovative compute platforms to the market. We have a shared vision to accelerate automotive product development with strategies such as virtual prototyping and look forward to working with Arm and the industry in this area.”

- Keiichi Aida, Executive Vice President, CTO & CISO and Head of Technology Development Functional Division, Hitachi Astemo

Automotive Partner logo - Lenovo

"Based on the strategy of AI for All, Lenovo Vehicle Computing is working on acceleration of vehicle intelligence. By adoption of NVIDIA DRIVE Thor platform based on Arm Neoverse V3AE IP, we offer the cutting-edge, safe, and dependable in-vehicle domain control platform and solutions to drive innovation in autonomous driving technology. We recognize Arm’s automotive technology expertise and will continue to work closely with Arm through SOAFEE to accelerate automotive intelligence."

- Donny Tang, Vice President and Head of Vehicle Computing, Lenovo

Automotive Partners logo - LG Electronics

"LG Electronics has worked in collaboration with Arm and the SOAFEE community as a governing body member to leverage cloud-native development and virtualization technologies to accelerate the development and deployment of software defined vehicles. We are also engaging in ethernet based zonal display technology along with vehicle's architectural transition. Arm’s latest products and solutions being announced today will help accelerating SDV evolution, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Arm on this journey."

- Sukjin Chang, VP, Head of Smart Mobility Lab, LG Electronics CTO Division


"Mercedes-Benz is the first car manufacturer to receive an internationally valid type approval for L3 automated driving. Efficient, high-performance semiconductors are key to push the boundaries in development, if you want to reach the next level. Therefore, I am highly delighted to see Arm launch their latest Automotive Enhanced IP portfolio alongside the launch of virtual platforms enabling software development and verification. These types of innovations will support the development of future automated driving systems.”

- Georges Massing, Vice President MB.OS Automated Driving & E/E Integration, Mercedes-Benz AG

Automotive Partner logo - NIO

"Software-defined vehicles will fundamentally change the way we develop vehicles of the future. We are delighted that Arm is rolling out its software and hardware combined development strategy and leveraging the advantages of modern cloud development, which will fundamentally solve the underlying development challenge of SDVs. Ultimately, it will help accelerate the development of new features and user experiences to shape a joyful lifestyle for our users."

- Dr. Jian Bai, Smart Hardware Vice President, NIO

Automotive Partners logo - Panasonic Automotive

”We are at the forefront of a technological revolution towards Software-Defined Vehicles, in collaboration with Arm and the pioneering SOAFEE community. We're embracing virtualization and cloud-native technologies to lead the transition from a hardware-centric to a software-first development model. The state-of-the-art products and solutions announced by Arm today are the driving force behind the superior compute performance that Software-Defined Vehicles demand. We are enthusiastic about forging ahead with Arm, as we both champion the drive towards a more flexible, software-oriented automotive future.”

- Masashige Mizuyama, Executive Vice President, CTO, Panasonic Automotive Systems Co., Ltd.

Sony Honda Mobility logo

"AI will accelerate the transformation of mobility by driving revolutionary advancements in ADAS and innovative new user experiences. As a mobility tech company that embraces diverse inspirations and pursues innovation, we are pleased to see Arm proactively delivering new high performance automotive products and solutions as a foundation for AI-accelerated vehicles of the future."

- Izumi Kawanishi, Representative Director, President and COO, Sony Honda Mobility

Automotive Partners logo - Visteon

"The automotive market is transitioning towards larger in-car display experiences, enabling advanced features such as ADAS visualization, dynamic animations, and localizations. Safety and dynamic content rendering are becoming crucial for mixed criticality systems within this trend.

Visteon is pleased to partner with Arm and CoreAVI to develop state-of-the-art automotive dynamic safety rendering solutions, which will play a key role in the emergence of software-defined vehicles. The use of virtual platform development and testing will be a driving force in mixed criticality designs by integrating applications adopting safety critical graphics APIs alongside today’s commercial APIs."

- Sivakumar Yeddanapudi, Vice President of Product Management, Digital Cockpit Electronics, Visteon

Automotive Partner logo - XPENG

"Intelligent driving requires a premium intelligent system delivering safety protection and an optimized mobility experience, built upon the non-negotiable basis of safety. Arm has been playing a critical role in the automotive industry. Its high performance, low power consumption, and safety- enhanced product portfolio and solutions will enable XPENG to optimize and innovate our intelligent systems, including autonomous driving and smart cockpits. We look forward to continued collaboration with Arm to explore the technology, leading the transformation of future mobility."

- Peng Yu, Embedded General Manager, XPENG

Automotive Partners logo - ZF

“Innovation, speed and cost-effectiveness are key requirements for ZF and our customers in the development of software-defined and automated vehicles. This applies in particular to the new E/E architectures with their high-performance computers. As a system provider for this new generation of vehicles, ZF offers ProAI, the most powerful high-performance computer for automated driving. Simultaneous engineering is an important prerequisite for innovative, fast and cost-optimized developments and thereby Arm's new virtual platforms and software solutions will optimally support these requirements.”

- Oliver Briemle, Senior Vice President AD Components & Connectivity, ZF Group

Partners Testimonials

Virtual Prototyping & Cloud Infrastructure

Automotive Partner logo - Ampere

"Ampere-powered servers are the best solution to enable the developers of the next generation of “cloud native” software defined vehicles. Ampere’s high core count and architectural compatibility with the leading technology used for in-vehicle computers enables software testing at scale with digital twins of automotive systems. Using Ampere systems both locally and in the cloud can help automotive software developers deliver better quality software an order of magnitude faster than Arm emulation on legacy x86."

- Sean Varley, Chief Evangelist, Ampere Computing

Automotive Partner logo - AWS

“As long-time supporters of automotive development in the cloud, AWS is excited to continue its engagement with Arm and help make environmental parity even more performant and accessible across the industry landscape. Arm’s new technology, coupled with AWS’s purpose-built capabilities, can help the automotive industry unlock new opportunities for development as well as improved performance, increased collaboration, and a reduction in overall time to market for software-defined features and functions. That means better customer experiences and one step closer to the realization of the software defined vehicle.”

- Wendy Bauer, Vice President and General Manager, Automotive & Manufacturing, AWS

Automotive Partner logo - Bytedance Volcanoengine

"In the era of intelligent vehicles, development in the cloud is a consensus among the industry. The connection between “people, vehicles, infrastructure, and the cloud” is the ultimate format in the future. As the cloud service platform of ByteDance, Volcano Engine has been advancing our technologies related to cloud infrastructure, data, and AI. And we have precipitated cloud automotive industry solutions such as intelligent driving, intelligent cockpit, digital marketing, intelligent networking, and simulation. We are delighted to see Arm introduce the idea of cloud development into the fundamental platform. Cloud development for automotive will increase the CI/CD efficiency, save cost, and accelerate digital transformation for automotive industry."

- Lu Zhang, Solution Manager, Volcano Engine, Bytedance


“Cadence and Arm are partnering to transform the automotive product development process through the creation of a powerful platform for automotive developers to speed up the creation of software-defined vehicles. Cadence is developing a SOAFEE-compliant reference SoC and a Helium Studio-derived virtual platform for heterogeneous processing based on pre-tested Arm IP and the Cadence Neo AI accelerator, Tensilica DSPs and interface IP. By combining Cadence's advanced EDA tools, IP and subsystems with Arm’s Automotive Enhanced IP and SOAFEE’s open architecture, developers can easily integrate systems and software, accelerating every stage of the automotive development cycle.”

- Boyd Phelps, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Silicon Solutions Group, Cadence

Automotive Partner logo - Corellium

“Increasingly powerful Arm-based servers are paving the way for a new generation of virtual models which don’t simulate the behavior of the processor and instead execute directly on the core. Corellium’s hypervisor-based models of the latest Arm Automotive Enhanced (AE) IP enable us to deliver device level performance well in advance of actual silicon and the ability to execute the same exact workload in the cloud and on the board.”

- Bill Neifert, Senior Vice President of Partnerships, Corellium

Microsoft logo

“Microsoft is pleased to collaborate with Arm, Synopsys and Cognata to lead a ground breaking shift-left approach in accelerating automotive development. By using the open and configurable SDV Toolchain architecture in conjunction with Synopsys virtual ECU platform and Cognata's photorealistic simulation platform SimCloud, customers are able to leverage the latest Arm automotive IP. Through this joint development, the automotive software ecosystem can now help customers unlock the full potential of the software defined vehicle powered by Microsoft Cloud Services.”

- Uli Homann, Corporate Vice President & Distinguished Architect, Microsoft

Automotive Partners logo - SIEMENS

“The automotive industry’s move to the software defined vehicle means that traditional software and hardware development processes are no longer valid and must evolve to meet the industry’s demands. Our partnership with Arm supporting accelerated simulation environment with Cortex-A720 AE CPU are helping to address automotive industry challenges by reducing time-to-market for SDV software through the availability of accelerated automotive platforms well ahead of silicon.”

- Mike Ellow, Executive Vice President, Electronic Design Automation, Siemens Digital Industries Software, Siemens

Automotive Partner logo - Synopsys

“The increasing amount of electronics in cars and the transition to software-defined vehicles requires leveraging digital twins of the electronics to reshape the automotive development cycle and accelerate innovation. Synopsys’ long-standing collaboration with Arm and its ecosystem is providing automotive developers with leading solutions from early architecture exploration to rapid automotive software testing and system validation for designs powered by Arm’s latest automotive-enhanced processor IP.”

- Tom De Schutter, Vice President of Engineering, Systems Design Group, Synopsys

Partners Testimonials

Software Ecosystem

Automotive Partner logo - Arraymo

"With the trend of software defined vehicles (SDV), the automotive operating system provides a critical role to this revolution by connecting hardware with software applications. ArrayMo’s parent company, ArcherMind, is Arm’s first ISP service partner in China which demonstrates our software expertise. We are aligned with the vision of SOAFEE and continue our journey with Arm for SDV implementation via the close combination of hardware and software."

- Henry Zou, Chairman, ArrayMo

Automotive Partners logo - The Autoware Foundation

“Our continued collaboration with Arm aims to allow the SDV ecosystem to demonstrate their SDV solutions on the Open AD Kit, using it as a reference software platform. We have good momentum and are actively pursuing new partners to introduce their SDV technologies into the Open AD Kit project.”

- Samet Kütük, Board Member and Executive Director, the Autoware Foundation

Automotive Partners logo - Blackberry QNX 

“The introduction of Arm v9 into automotive brings the high performance and advanced features that our customers require for their most demanding application environments.The new products from Arm and our recently launched QNX Software Development Platform 8.0 together provide the foundation for developers to build next generation high performance compute systems.”

- Grant Courville, VP of Products and Strategy, BlackBerry QNX

Automotive Partners logo - Congnata

“Utilizing Arm's advanced cloud processors, Cognata's simulation technology achieves unparalleled efficiency and close to real-time performance, showcasing the strength of our collaboration and the innovative potential of Arm's computing solutions.”

- Danny Atsmon, CEO & Founder, Cognata

Automotive Partner logo - CoreAVI

"CoreAVI is excited to partner with Arm and Visteon to bring safety critical graphics capabilities to the automotive market. Safety criticality is paramount for the future of software defined vehicles and partnering with Arm and Visteon to integrate safe GPU acceleration quickly and efficiently not only increases the new capabilities available on the market, but accelerates every stage of the automotive development cycle, bringing the newest safe visualization technologies immediately to the next generation of vehicles."

- Neil Stroud, General Manager of Automotive and Embedded, CoreAVI

Elektrobit logo 

"We greatly appreciate the opportunity to support Arm’s new technologies at such an early stage. The new Arm automotive IP is rich in features that help us develop next-generation operating systems. We have already begun to port our products onto the virtual platform and look forward to seeing these IP designs appear in SoC implementations in the near future."

-Maria Anhalt, CEO of Elektrobit

Automotive Partner logo - ESoL

"eSOL will deliver functional safety-compliant POSIX real-time OS and development environment (eMCOS SDK, AUTOSAR) integrated with the virtual platform solutions for automotive introduced by Arm. In addition, through the synergistic combination of Arm’s virtual platform solutions and our consulting and engineering services, we are committed to enabling cloud-based virtual development and building CI/CD pipelines to advance the development of secure and reliable software-defined vehicles."

- Bob N.Ueyama, Software Division Business Management Head Quarter Executive Vice President, eSOL

Automotive Partners logo - eTAS

“Real SDV functions are not just apps in your infotainment. They need to interact safely with the physical world and require significant investment & engineering. I am really excited to what degree the new Arm portfolio is allowing us to maintain highest degrees of safety, while supporting faster, more iterative development in the cloud, and offering us more deployment flexibility.”

- Christian Uebber, Chief Technology Officer, ETAS

Automotive Partners logo - Excelfore

"Excelfore has worked closely with Arm to implement software installation processes using the SOAFEE model for containerized software on the Arm Neoverse processors of AWS Graviton cloud servers. We have shown the way to parity, using eSync OTA as a single mechanism to install software into virtual prototypes in the cloud and actual edge systems."

- Shrikant Acharya, CTO of Excelfore

Automotive Partners logo - Green Hill Software

“Green Hills is pleased to expand its extensive collaboration with Arm by offering automotive OEMs and suppliers the broadest portfolio of safety and security-certified software solutions in the industry. Our production-proven RTOSes, virtualization services and advanced development tools enable customers to utilize Arm’s virtual hardware platforms, accelerating their development for Arm AE IP targeting mixed-criticality designs throughout the vehicle.”

- Dan Mender, VP Business Development, Green Hills Software

Automotive Partners logo - IAR

“The newest advancements within the Arm AE portfolio and ecosystem represent a breakthrough for software-defined vehicles of the future. IAR’s flagship solutions, the IAR Embedded Workbench for Arm and C-STAT (static code analysis), certified by TÜV SÜD, offer pioneering support for the Arm Cortex-R82AE. By synergizing with Arm's innovative AE cores, we empower developers to meet the rigorous automotive requirements, guaranteeing safety and efficiency in automotive software development,"

- Rafael Taubinger, Global Product Marketing Manager, IAR

Automotive Partners logo - Kernkonzept

"Arm’s introduction of virtual hardware together with new automotive IP enables shift-left and accelerates software development, starting feature delivery before silicon is available. We are pleased that the L4Re Hypervisor Family today supports the new IP with its flexible hardware / software abstraction layer, empowering architects to flexibly deploy securely confined automotive software functions across performance and safety processors."

- Dr.-Ing. Adam Lackorzynski, CTO, Kernkonzept

Automotive Partner logo - KRUTRIM

“As AI use cases become pervasive across the next generation of software-defined vehicles, the demand for high-performance automotive-grade compute hardware will become even more critical. We are pleased to see Arm’s latest automotive technology and solutions will deliver leading performance and power efficiency for AI-accelerated vehicles of the future.”

- Ravi Jain, Head of Strategy, Ola/Krutrim

 Automotive Partners logo - Lauterbach

“For decades we have committed to providing engineers with the leading debug tools for the latest Arm CPUs to enable their embedded innovations of tomorrow. Thanks to our great partnership with Arm, automotive customers of the new Armv9 cores will get highly reliable tools and excellent support from the beginning.”

- Norbert Weiss, Managing Director, Lauterbach GmbH

Automotive Partner logo - LeddarTech 

“We are excited that LeddarTech and Arm, two industry leaders, are collaborating to optimize and showcase our advanced AI-based sensor fusion and perception software, LeddarVision, using the latest Arm processor IP technology, This partnership, leveraging the unique capabilities of LeddarTech and Arm, is poised to enhance CPU capabilities for ADAS, accelerate time-to-market and facilitate the rollout of software-defined vehicles. The benefits of this collaboration for automotive OEMs, Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers are significant, promising accelerated innovation and deployment in the automotive industry,”

- Frantz Saintellemy, President and CEO of LeddarTech

Automotive Partners logo - Linaro

“Arm latest automotive IPs and virtual hardware platforms force a fundamental rethink of automotive product development. Through the collaboration in the SOAFEE community, Linaro and Arm are facilitating early co-development and co-testing of the next generation automotive hardware and software by providing the latest Arm IP-based virtual platforms in the SOAFEE Integration Lab. The lab enables testing SOAFEE architecture compliant software implementations significantly ahead of silicon availability.”

- Andrea Gallo, Vice President of Business Development, Linaro

Automotive Partners logo - Mapbox

“Arm's new automotive virtual platforms will enable Mapbox to deliver its 3D Live Navigation and Autopilot solutions to customers on next-gen Arm SOCs with end-to-end simulation, validation, and optimization several quarters ahead of automakers building their first hardware racks or test vehicles.”

- Young Hahn, Chief Technology Officer, Mapbox

Automotive Partner logo - Nuro

“As we look to scale the Nuro Driver™—our AI-first, autonomous technology—we need high efficiency, high performance computing. Arm’s latest product release brings server-class processing to automotive which is exactly what we need for our next generation vehicle platform.”

- Andrew Clare, CTO of Nuro

Automotive Partner logo - OpenSynergy 

“As a long-term Arm Partner, SOAFEE member and key OASIS contributor, OpenSynergy offers COQOS Virtual Platform built on open standards providing a key enabler to the Arm automotive ecosystem and our customers for their SDV development.COQOS Hypervisor and our leading portfolio of VIRTIO devices underpin the separation between software and hardware, deliver binary compatibility between Cloud and Edge and portability across Arm architectures.”

- Regis Adjamah, CEO of OpenSynergy

Automotive Parnters logo - RedHat 

"The software-defined vehicle revolution is driving more possibilities than ever before, but automakers are under pressure to deliver innovation faster. Red Hat In-Vehicle Operating System and our industry-leading open hybrid cloud technologies, together with the new virtual platforms from Arm and its ecosystem, can empower automakers to shift development on new silicon earlier, get to production sooner and compete effectively in this vastly changing and exciting new landscape."

- Francis Chow, Vice President and General Manager, Red Hat In-Vehicle Operating System and Edge, Red Hat

Automotive Partners logo - Sensory

"Sensory is happy to continue its long-standing relationship with Arm by integrating with the latest AE Arm IP. At Sensory, we are dedicated to pushing the envelope and delivering cloud-quality AI on the Edge, including the new TrulyNatural Speech to Text in over 35 languages. With Arm's innovative solutions, Sensory can elevate its offerings to new heights, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and experience for our customers as they explore the many possibilities of audio and voice AI."

- Todd Mozer, CEO of Sensory

Automotive Partner logo - Sonatus 

“Sonatus software accelerates time to market for OEMs, and is widely deployed across numerous Arm-based solutions in software-defined vehicles on the road today. Today’s announcement and the SOAFEE initiative advance our shared focus with Arm to advance cloud-native design and virtual vehicle prototyping to deliver the future of vehicle software.”

- John Heinlein, Ph.D., Chief Marketing Officer of Sonatus

Automotive Partners logo - TATA ELXSI

"Intelligent vehicles of the future will be powered by SDV and GenAI, and it is critical that technology companies collaborate to overcome the growing complexities. To address this, Tata Elxsi has invested in an SDV framework and middleware solution based on SOAFEE. We are committed to working with Arm to make this framework available on the latest generation of Arm cores, which will power future HPCs for SDV while fostering innovation and unlocking the benefits of scale."

- Shaju S, Vice President & Head of Transportation Business, Tata Elxsi

Automotive Partner logo - Tata Technologies

“Tata Technologies are thrilled to be partnering with Arm on the launch of their latest Automotive Enhanced IP portfolio. With over 25 years of expertise in product engineering and digital services we have a rich history of delivering class leading solutions to the automotive industry and are incredibly well placed to address the needs of the Software Defined Vehicle. Building on our investments in the SOAFEE architecture and bringing together this latest generation of Arm AE IP, along with virtual platforms from the EDA community allows us to forge ahead with software development, integration and testing, years ahead of silicon availability. As a strategic partner with Arm we are already developing solutions leveraging their latest Arm AE IP and we expect this to deliver significant time to market benefits for the whole automotive industry and are excited for the future of our partnership with Arm.”

- Warren Harris, CEO & Managing Director, Tata Technologies

Automotive Partner logo - Thundersoft

"ThunderSoft and Arm have a long-term partnership. Specifically for future intelligent vehicles, we share the same vision as Arm to drive industry transformation through industry-wide collaboration. To date, we have more than 100 automotive electronics mass production projects based on Arm platform and have been successfully used in approximately 50 million vehicles worldwide. ThunderSoft continues to collaborate with the ecosystem on SOAFEE to jointly promote new thinking and new approaches for software-defined vehicles and cloud native technology development. We will help our partners address the evaluation of EE architecture and the needs of increasing computing power and development efficiency, to enable automotive industry innovation."

- Hengsheng Chang, SVP and President of Smart Vehicle Business Group, ThunderSoft

Automotive Partner logo - TIER IV

“The goal of our collaboration with Arm is to give automakers and chipmakers the tools they need to design the required hardware that will be essential to scale autonomous driving globally. Virtual prototyping can be a game changer, accelerating the journey from AD proof-of-concept tests to widespread commercial deployments.”

- Shinpei Kato, Founder, CEO and CTO of TIER IV

Automotive Partner logo - Vector

"Arm’s latest automotive solutions represent a significant leap forward for the industry and the evolution of the Software Defined Vehicle. The early availability of virtual platforms has empowered us to initiate the porting process for our best-in-class AUTOSAR Classic software stack. We eagerly anticipate maintaining our strong partnership with Arm as we continue to support our valued customers."

- Josef Nöbauer, Senior Manager of Embedded Software, Vector

Automotive Partners logo - WNDRVR

“We are at an inflection point in the automotive industry as we work to advance the software-defined vehicle of the future. Arm’s launch of the latest additions to the Arm AE portfolio is an important step for the ecosystem, and Wind River looks forward to collaborating with Arm to further drive automotive innovation with our industry-leading operating systems and safe hypervisor edge software.”

- Michel Chabroux, Vice President, Product Management, Wind River

Partners Testimonials

Silicon & Foundry Partners

Automotive Partner logo - Arteris

"The Arteris-Arm partnership allows our mutual customers to hit the ground running using our network-on-chip IP pre-validated with the latest Arm AE products, securing customer trust in interoperability and accelerating time to market for automotive electronics. Arteris Ncore and FlexNoC provide joint customers a flexible range of interconnect solutions from heterogenous to regular topologies, connecting Arm’s latest generation of automotive enhanced IP technology for applications from microcontrollers, through infotainment, vision, radar, and lidar to advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS)."

- K. Charles Janac, President and CEO of Arteris

Automotive Partners logo - Faraday

"With a partnership spanning over two decades, Faraday demonstrates extensive experience in Arm solutions. We are pleased to be a design partner collaborating with Arm’s latest AE IP on Automotive projects. The technology within Arm’s Cortex-A720AE, Cortex-R, Cortex-M and AE GPUs enables Faraday to quickly and reliably deliver ASICs that meet the performance, power efficiency, and safety requirements of next-generation Automotive applications."

- Flash Lin, COO, Faraday

Automotive Partner logo - IMEC

"Imec applauds Arm’s 25 year legacy in automotive and especially the introduction of Arm’s CSS strategy which will be a great enabler for the broader automotive chiplet ecosystem. Such commitments underscore imec's initiative of establishing an expanded automotive R&D ecosystem, in which chiplet architectures will be a key component, all in partnership with pivotal stakeholders and automotive technology providers, drawing upon our 40 years’ experience in cooperative technology innovation. Advances in chiplet architectures are essential to tackle the challenges the automotive sector is facing in the transformation towards software-defined vehicles."

- Bart Placklé, Vice President of Automotive Technologies, imec

Automotive Partner logo - Intel Foundry logo

"Intel Foundry and Arm have forged a long-term relationship that will deliver Arm’s leading edge compute technology to the automotive industry. “With this latest release of Arm’s automotive enhanced IP, together we will work to provide solutions for the most computationally demanding automotive applications on the horizon."

- Stuart Pann, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Foundry Services, Intel

Automotive Partner logo - Marvell

"The Marvell Brightlane™ Automotive Ethernet products are playing a critical role in enabling the industry shift to software-defined vehicles by transforming in-vehicle network architectures. We are excited to collaborate with Arm on their new automotive enhanced IP solutions to address emerging automotive custom compute opportunities with our best-in-class complementary technologies that meet OEMs’ rigorous industry requirements."

- Will Chu, SVP and GM, Custom, Compute and Storage Group, Marvell

Automotive Partners logo - MediaTek

"MediaTek has been using Arm IP for many years in Automotive applications like IVI and Telematics. As part of our continued long term partnership, MediaTek is planning to use Armv9 IP in our offerings in Automotive. Today’s announcement makes it possible for Arm and MediaTek to stay at the forefront of the fast moving, global, Automotive market. With benefits to performance, scalability, energy efficiency and safety, MediaTek is able to create compelling products for the AI-enabled software defined vehicle of the future."

- Mike Chang, GM of Automotive BU and Corporate VP, MediaTek

Automotive Partners logo - NVIDIA

"NVIDIA DRIVE Thor brings the highest levels of CUDA parallel compute and cutting-edge generative AI capabilities to autonomous machines, including vehicles and robots. The DRIVE Thor SoC integrates Arm’s next-generation CPU, the Neoverse V3AE, to provide the industry-leading, single-thread CPU performance necessary for intelligent cabin experiences and self-driving capabilities built for safety and security."

- Ashish Karandikar, Vice President, Hardware Engineering, NVIDIA

NXP logo

"As vehicle architectures have become increasingly complex with more hardware and software, it’s crucial for the industry to work closely together on new ways to help automakers and Tier-1s start their development before silicon is available. Arm’s vision aligns with NXP’s strategy of providing collaborative cloud-based development environments to ease the development path for automakers."

- Andy Birnie, Head of Automotive Systems Engineering, NXP

Automotive Partners logo - Renesas

"Renesas has partnered closely with Arm on R-Car SoCs. The next-generation R-Car platform will leverage the significant compute performance delivered by Arm, which can effectively manage the memory-intensive compute applications required by the software-defined vehicles of tomorrow. The new platform will offer multiple processor options from entry-level to higher-end models, all making use of the latest Arm CPUs. Arm CPUs give Renesas the optimum balance of performance and power, while maintaining software reusability across the product range. With the integration of the latest safety features from Arm, the R-Car platform will enable a range of automotive solutions for our customers that comply with strict industry quality standards."

- Vivek Bhan, Senior Vice President and General Manager of High Performance Computing, Renesas

Automotive Partners logo - Samsung

"As the demand for custom AI hardware soars, Samsung Foundry is committed to powering AI design and innovation together with our partners. Samsung Foundry and Arm are collaborating to enable Arm's latest automotive technology and solutions to deliver leading performance and power efficiency for next generation vehicles of the future."

- Marco Chisari, Executive Vice President and Head of US Foundry Business, Samsung Electronics

Automotive Partners logo - STMicro

"ST has worked closely with Arm for years to develop automotive solutions. This year we start production of our Stellar microcontrollers, built around Arm Cortex-R52+ technology, which have gained strong traction from our customers. It’s great to see Arm further investing in security and safety, which are key for the next-generation vehicles. This will enable us to bring more value to our customers through safe and secure, scalable, power-efficient, and innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of the Software Defined Vehicle of the future."

- Luca Rodeschini, Microcontrollers Digital ICs RF Product Group, Automotive Processing & RF General Manager. STMicroelectronics

Automotive Partners logo - Telechips

"The collaboration with Arm will enable us to accelerate the design of high-performance, low-power technologies for future mobility. Telechips will fully utilize Arm’s latest AE IP including Cortex-A720AE annd Cortex-A520AE to develop our next-generation solutions that combine the three key elements - performance, efficiency, and safety. Telechips strives to build a product portfolio that meets the global standards of automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers around the world aiming to become a leading global comprehensive semiconductor company for vehicles."

- Jang-kyu Lee, CEO of Telechips

Automotive Partner logo - TSMC

"With Arm’s new Automotive Enhanced IP portfolio, TSMC and Arm will continue to deliver foundational IP and leading semiconductor foundry technologies to help designers address the ever-growing challenges and complexity. Together with Arm and our Open Innovation Platform® (OIP) partners, we can enable our customers to unleash semiconductor innovation that is pivotal to shape the future of automotive industry."

- Dan Kochpatcharin, Head of the Design Infrastructure Management Division, TSMC

Automotive Ecosystem partner logo - Texas Instruments

"For the past 30+ years, Arm and TI have collaborated to push the boundaries of what is possible for embedded processors. Combining their v9 family of cores with our innovative signal processing, machine learning, and networking accelerators lets us take a major leap forward in offering unprecedented power efficiency and performance in our future products. This combination directly addresses our customers' needs as they navigate the pressing engineering challenges of today and tomorrow, such as enabling software-defined vehicles and safer autonomous systems."

- Amichai Ron, Senior Vice President, Embedded Processing, Texas Instruments

Automotive Partners logo - UntetherAI

"With the automotive industry moving towards software-defined vehicles, the demand for specialized AI and computing solutions is more critical than ever. These solutions must be specifically designed for the automotive sector, ensuring they meet the highest standards for performance. Our expertise in AI acceleration, achieving the highest level of performance and accuracy with unmatched energy efficiency, positions us at the forefront of this shift. We’re thrilled to partner with Arm, a global leader in automotive chip technology, to co-develop solutions that meet the automotive industry's stringent requirements. Together, we're setting a new standard for performance and compliance in this transformative era for intelligent vehicles."

- Chris Walker, CEO of Untether AI