Unlock Opportunities with a Cloud-Native Ecosystem

As the nature of compute changes, the edge plays an increasingly crucial role in supporting diverse systems with a range of power and performance requirements. To deliver on service level agreements at scale for enterprises, the edge must embrace cloud-native software principles.


Project Cassini is the open, collaborative, standards-based initiative to deliver a cloud-native software experience across a secure Arm edge ecosystem. Whether exploring the impacts of urbanization and climate change with software-defined sensor networks, pinpointing origins of power outages in smart grids with data provenance, or enhancing public safety initiatives through data streaming, Project Cassini leverages the power of diverse Arm-based platforms to create a secure foundation for edge applications.

Access the Power of the Edge

As today’s networks transform into intelligent, programmable compute domains, Project Cassini is helping ensure organizations stay ahead of the technology demands of our connected world.

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Explore Project Cassini

Silicon and Software vendors, ODMs, OEMs, system integrators, and enterprises all benefit from solution stacks based on standards. The three pillars of Project Cassini can help reduce time-to-market, realize opex savings, and accelerate digital service monetization.


Industrial IoT Gateways

Remove the silos caused by technology differences and lack of standardization with the consistency and predictability delivered by Project Cassini.

Smart Cities

Explore how the Secure Municipal, Agricultural, Rural, and Telco Edge Research (SMARTER) stack leverages Project Cassini for virtualized, multi-tenant architectures for Intelligent Gateways for smart city architectures.

Software Defined Embedded Edge

Apply various DevOps approaches to embedded edge development, including the DevOps design methodology known as a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

Orchestrating Apps at the Edge

Bring a secure cloud-native experience to edge development, using Kubernetes and CI/CD systems to create a streamlined method for enabling application delivery, maintenance, and control to any number of edge and terminal devices.

High-performance Edge Inference

Implement analytics on resource-constraint devices at the edge using RedisAI, a Redis module designed for machine learning inference to run on cloud-native software stack on Arm Project Cassini supported devices.

The Three Key Elements of Success in Edge Computing

This report by analyst firm Moor Insights and Strategy explores the challenges of edge computing and provides important insights into how Project Cassini helps overcome these challenges with its focus on standards, security, and ecosystem.

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Make the diverse, vibrant Arm ecosystem work for your IoT and Infrastructure edge deployments, wherever you may be in the process, by engaging with Arm on Project Cassini.

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An Extensive Partner Ecosystem

Project Cassini is an active and growing community of Arm partners who build and integrate silicon, systems, and software for the Edge.

Partner Testimonials

“The continuous development of AI and IIoT applications will greatly improve people’s lives in the future. Arm-based Computing technology focuses on "Low Power Consumption" and “Compact form factors”. Therefore, it is an indispensable technology for AI and IIoT applications. Project Cassini reduces the barriers between customers’ product development and integration through standardized hardware and software architecture. To this end, it also strengthens Edge computing device data security via a Platform Security Architecture solution. Project Cassini has become the key solution for accelerating the implementation of Arm-based Computing technology in AI and IIoT applications. To ensure excellent user experiences, Advantech — whose mission is to enable an intelligent planet — will work with its partners to provide the best AI and IIoT Embedded Platforms.”

- Aaron Su, AVP of Embedded IoT Group, Advantech

“Security and technology fragmentation are two key challenges that, more than ever, customers are facing in the era of connected devices. At Arduino we are excited to join project Cassini because it provides a solid methodological and technical framework to develop successful solutions while preserving the ability to choose and upgrade the underlying platforms over time.”

- Fabio Violante, CEO of Arduino

“Broadcom is pleased to support Project Cassini and Arm’s SystemReady program. As the data center architecture continues to evolve, our customers are increasingly relying on our Stingray™ SmartNICs to offer a rich variety of networking, storage and security services. By leveraging the remarkable technology progress and standardization in the Arm ecosystem, those customers can count on their favorite applications and services to “just work” on our Arm-based SmartNICs, opening the door to fast-paced innovation in their data centers.”

- Ed Redmond, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Compute and Connectivity Division, Broadcom

"As the enterprise and industrial edge continue to evolve by merging IT-driven manageability with OT-driven specialized hardware, frictionless onboarding of containerized applications becomes vital to deploying IoT at scale and reducing time-to-market. Canonical, with Ubuntu Desktop, Server and Core, supports Project Cassini's drive towards standardization and enables the rich Arm ODM and OEM gateway ecosystem to use familiar tools from the cloud to the edge. The standardization of the boot architecture and security APIs perfectly complement the security, reliability and OTA upgrades delivered by Ubuntu.”

- Loic Minier, Global Director of Devices Field Engineering, Canonical

“IoT is an ecosystem story for us at Eurotech. We need a strong partner ecosystem to deliver, so we are very excited to be part of the arm Cassini project which adds value to our end customers by reducing the barriers to IoT adoption and deployment,”

- Marco Carrer, CTO, Eurotech

“Edge processing requires a homogenous software environment to run cloud-native software. NXP has a strong history of developing Arm-based microcontrollers, applications, communications, and automotive processors and we are pleased to collaborate with Arm on Project Cassini. To achieve our shared goal, our Layerscape LS1046A and LX2160A processors are already in the process of obtaining SystemReady approval.”

- Tareq Bustami, General Manager for Network Product Line, Edge Processing, NXP Semiconductors

“Rancher Labs & Arm have continued collaboration towards providing customers with the most efficient cloud-native architecture at the edge with k3s on Arm platforms enabling the various use cases outlined by Project Cassini”

- Sheng Liang, CEO, Rancher Labs

“Raspberry Pi is pleased to endorse Project Cassini initiative and to see Arm SystemReady compliance certification program extending beyond servers to cover devices across a vibrant and diverse hardware ecosystem. Through promoting widely adopted standards this program recognizes the importance of the developers and community contributions in accelerating adoption of hardware standards that benefit the entire ecosystem. We look forward leveraging the fruits of this program for developers and technology enthusiasts all over the world.”

- Eben Upton, CEO, Raspberry Pi (Trading) Ltd

“As edge computing drives the next wave of enterprise applications to meet evolving end user demands, we believe that open source communities will fuel this technical innovation. In order to make these technologies consumable, industry-accepted common standards combined with strong security must form the bedrock of these advancements, from silicon on up. We’re pleased to continue working with Arm and its ecosystem to refine these standards as we bring enterprise computing to the edge.”

- Peter Robinson, principal architect, IoT, Red Hat

“Intelligent edge platforms hosting cloud-native applications, capable of sourcing actionable information through technologies such as 5G, AI and IoT are at the heart of leading Smart City initiatives. SoftBank is pleased to support Project Cassini, which by promoting a standards-based approach to platform software and security, expands choice of Arm platforms for Smart City deployments at scale.”

- Hironobu Tamba, Vice President, IT-OT Innovation Division, SoftBank

“System Gateways are a key component of the next wave of IoT-driven digital transformation for Enterprises across various markets. With SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for Arm enterprise-class security and superior support, SUSE helps solution providers and enterprise early adopters to gain faster time to market for innovative IoT edge solutions built on a well-established, enterprise-class Linux platform. We share the vision for Project Cassini, and are excited to work with the ecosystem on Arm SystemReady, PSA Certified and PARSEC to create a standards-driven baseline for SUSE across Arm-based IoT edge platforms.”

- Brent Schroeder, Chief Technology Officer, SUSE

“VMware has collaborated with Arm on Project Cassini to enable the ESXi on Arm Fling on Arm-based platforms, including the Raspberry Pi 4. As an open technical preview, the ESXi on Arm fling allows us to better understand customer use cases and requirements for delivering vSphere’s data center grade features to Arm-based edge platforms.”

- Kit Colbert, VP & CTO, Cloud Platform BU, VMware