Exceptional agility, efficiency and scalability

Cloud data centers, the mobile Internet and IoT are driving a rapid growth in the processing, analysis, and storage of data and the delivery of new services to consumers. To support the ubiquitous compute context consumers and businesses are expecting from these trends, the underlying infrastructure that makes it all possible must rapidly transform to become agile, efficient and scalable.

ARM provides system fabric and IP for complex multicore, heterogeneous systems, along with a scalable processor roadmap that enables our silicon partners to build highly integrated, system-on-chip platforms incorporating differentiating expertise supported by a broad ecosystem of software. The diversity enabled by the ARM business model is making it possible to bring a new level of efficiency to servers, breaking down the barriers of hardware/software boundaries in legacy networking systems and enabling agile storage systems that scale. Our technology is providing the context for re-imagined infrastructure.


More about Networking

The underlying network infrastructure that supports our mobile and connected world is undergoing a dramatic shift. The scalability of ARM technology, combined with our partners’ networking systems expertise is increasing node intelligence and configurability, laying a new foundation for software-defined functions and applications.


More about Servers

Today's server deployments will benefit from workload aware optimizations and heterogeneous processing. Data center workloads can take advantage of innovative and extensive SoC integration of ARM's partners with the result of better performance, power-efficiency, and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). ARM's server business is focused on providing an industry standard platform, an emerging software ecosystem, and a mad variety of server system choices to best fit the modern, evolving world of IT infrastructure.


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