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From sensors to cockpit

ARM processors can power the smallest, lowest-cost ultrasonic parking sensors through to server-class compute hardware that enables automated driving.

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Low energy

Minimum heat, maximum range

Every watt of electrical power used in a car contributes to CO2 emissions and reduced fuel economy. In a fully-electric car, lower-power electronics directly increase the driving range.

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The base for robust security

Cyber-attacks on cars are a new but disconcerting trend, compounded by the fact that there are multiple points of possible attack. Robust electronics security is vital.

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Safe, reliable electronics

All of ARM's automotive-applicable IP is available with a comprehensive functional safety package that accelerates the safety aspects of a complete chip design.

Software reuse

Pan-vehicle compute

With over 85% of infotainment systems and many under-the-hood applications built with ARM-based chips, today's automotive experience is founded on ARM technology.

Whether an off-the-shelf device or a custom SoC designed to meet a specific application, a common architecture across all electronics and support from a leading tools ecosystem enable car makers and their suppliers to rapidly innovate hardware and software.

These innovations are transforming safety, reducing energy consumption and improving driver experiences.

Partners in the ARM ecosystem have technology in the roof, steering wheel and passenger zones of today's vehicles that understand if, when and how to deploy airbags based on occupancy.

ARM partners provide high-performance compute and network platforms that enable advanced driver assistance and autonomous driving capabilities, creating driver warnings and increasingly automating vehicle actions.

Advanced display and augmented vision technologies, which evolve from mobile technologies, will become more prevalent to enhance driver interaction.

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Low energy

Automotive engineers care about two key aspects of energy consumption: Heat and thermal management.

Cars must operate reliably in extremely hot environments, but engineers often cannot take advantage of costly heat-management technology.

The growing move to electrification means that electrical energy—for both hybrid and fully electric cars—has a much clearer and direct impact on driving range and CO2 emissions.

ARM’s low-power heritage and continued focus on the best possible performance per watt are crucial elements to harness when designing to such constraints.


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Connectivity requires security

There are many reasons why improving automotive security has become extremely important and urgent, for example, preventing theft through hacking keyless entry and immobilizer systems, preventing unauthorized vehicle tracking and monitoring to avoid remote hacking.

ARM’s experience in enabling a strong base of security, through technologies such as TrustZone® and CryptoCell in payment and content protection, gives the automotive industry the opportunity to deploy proven solutions without having to reinvent them.


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Safety matters

Smoothing the path to right-sized functional safety support

Because faults and failures in automotive systems might be life-threatening, initial uses of ARM processors in vehicles have improved safety in areas such as anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and airbags.

Standards and processes were developed to ensure that the electronics in safety systems can detect when faults occur so that systems can be shut down or disabled safely.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and automated driving means that these systems must now be both safe and reliable.

ARM has been at the forefront of developing processor and on-chip interconnect technology that supports Functional Safety with the ISO 26262 international standard.


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