ARM Markets

See how ARM Technology can transform your products and business

ARM technology scales from the tiniest of sensors to the largest of data centers, providing power efficient intelligence upon which transformative applications and business models are built.

We work with our partners and an extensive ecosystem to deliver leading hardware and software solutions across markets.

  • Automotive

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    Keeping you safe at 70mph.  Higher performance system platforms for connectivity, advanced recognition and decision intelligence will enable coming generations of assisted and automated driving.
  • Healthcare

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    Healthcare is becoming personal. Pervasive mobile computing, highly-efficient embedded intelligence and secure technology are driving new interaction capabilities and advancing diagnostic and treatment options.
  • Infrastructure

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    Leading compute density solutions are transforming infrastructure: Building an end-to-end enterprise application platform with increased intelligence for the delivery of fast, agile, service-based 5G networks, and delivering a paradigm shift in data center workload efficiency.
  • Internet of Things

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    Enabling the foundations of IoT. Scalable embedded intelligence and software provides an agile, secure and flexible end-to-end platform for sensing, controlling and delivering business insights.
  • Mobile Computing

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    ARM low-power technology is the foundation of the mobile computing era, providing central processing capabilities as well as connectivity, and the industry’s roadmap for evolving enhanced contextual, interactive and visual user experiences.
  • Smart Homes

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    The combination of an integrated mobile experience and increasing intelligence and connectivity across devices in the home is creating opportunities to transform how we interact with our living spaces. More intuitive and interoperable systems save energy, increase security and safety, and reduce costs.
  • Wearables

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    Redefining personal compute. Realizing new forms of interactions with our physical and digital worlds with highly-efficient processing for even the tiniest of devices.