ARM Trademarks

ARM's trademarks are among the company's most valuable intellectual property assets. They represent the highest standards of quality and excellence associated with ARM's products and services. The information provided in this section applies to ARM's customers, partners, employees, consultants, the media and any other third party. Please note:

  • If you are an ARM licensee, please follow the trademark guidelines in your agreement. However, you may follow these guidelines if your agreement does not contain any trademark guidelines.
  • If you are an ARM® Connected Community partner, please follow the trademark guidelines contained in your membership agreement.

Using ARM's Trademarks

ARM Trademark List | ARM Trademark Use Guidelines

You may use ARM's word trademarks, product names, service names and other names in text to refer to ARM's products and services and related technology if you follow these guidelines and your use is accurate, fair and not misleading. Please consult both materials below when using any ARM trademark:

  • ARM Trademark List - this contains a list of ARM's trademarks with key information about how to use them.
  • ARM Trademark Use Guidelines - this contains guidelines that you should follow when referring to any ARM trademark.

ARM Permission Requests

ARM Logo Permission Requests | ARM Copyright Permission Requests

You may not use any ARM logo or ARM copyright material without written authorization from ARM. Please refer to:

  • ARM Logo Permission Requests if you want permission to use an ARM logo.
  • ARM Copyright Permission Requests if you want to use ARM copyright material.

Contact Our Trademarks Team

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Please contact us if you have any questions about ARM's trademarks or you wish to report any abuse of ARM's trademarks.