ARM company overview

Shaping a smarter, more connected world

ARM® technology is at the heart of a computing and connectivity revolution that is transforming the way people live and businesses operate. Every day more than 45 million ARM-based chips are shipped by our partners into products that enhance the human experience; connecting people, improving lives and making the impossible possible. From the sensor to the cloud and all points in between, ARM is shaping the smart connected world. 

Our advanced processor designs have provided the intelligence in over 95 billion silicon chips now powering products from smartphones to supercomputers, medical devices to agricultural sensors and base stations to servers. With thousands of technology partners including the world’s most famous business and consumer brands, we collaborate to drive innovation into all areas compute is possible.

Company highlights

  • The world’s leading semiconductor IP company founded in 1990
  • ARM technologies reach 80% of the global population
  • More than 4,500 people from 61 nationalities in EuropeNorth AmericaAsia Pacific
  • Our silicon partners ship nearly five billion ARM technology-based chips every quarter
  • More than 95 billion ARM-based chips shipped to date (16.7bn 2016 and 14.9bn in 2015)
  • Over 1,400 licenses sold to more than 450 partners
Simon Segars

Through great partnerships we connect the world

Our strategy is:

  • To develop and deploy energy-efficient technology
  • To enable innovation through partnership and a broad ecosystem
  • To build on our shared success
  • To invest in long-term growth

We license our energy-efficient technology to a network of multiple partners, mainly leading semiconductor companies. By designing once and productizing, ARM spreads the R&D costs over the whole industry and helps make digital electronics less expensive. Licensees pay upfront fees to gain access to our technology. They then incorporate our designs alongside their own technology to create smart, energy-efficient chips architected on a foundation of security. ARM receives a royalty on every chip sold that uses our technology. Chip providers are able to invest in complementary system-on-chip technologies to differentiate their product offerings and benefit from an ecosystem of software and tools providers that support their products. OEMs and consumers benefit from a choice of products, all based on a standardized software development platform.

The ARM business model has built up a trusted partnership of shared success across multiple markets, where ARM and our partners work together to continually advance product capabilities. We work closely with a broad ecosystem to develop compatible technologies, share knowledge and foster new opportunities. This unique ecosystem ensures our mutual customers continue to be successful with a choice of innovative, differentiated products that expand opportunities and enable new businesses. The ARM partnership model, through its global ecosystem, is continually pioneering the new.

 Business Strategy


ARM People


ARM was founded by a dozen engineers working from a converted barn in Cambridge, UK, a quarter of a century ago. By the end of 2015, that team had grown to more than 4,200 people in sites around the world. ARM gives its people the capabilities, processes and infrastructure to enable them to develop and thrive as the business scales and strengthens. At the same time, we seek to nurture a work culture that remains true to our founders’ original vision; empowering our engineers to be innovative and drive ARM-based technology into all areas where compute happens, maximizing their creative potential and enabling all of our people to be their brilliant selves.

Begin your career at ARM

Three core beliefs capture the essence of ARM and reflect who we are. These core beliefs keep us centered on understanding the needs of our partners. This lets us design win-win outcomes, work as a team without egos, combine creativity with critical thinking and drive forward relentlessly to make a positive difference for ARM and our customers.

ARM - Company - Core Values - We, Not I

We, not I

A selfless, global team working for each other and the success of our partnership

ARM - Company - Core Values - Passion for Progress

Passion for progress

Proud of our innovation and how we shape the connected world, passionate about our work, whatever role we have in the company

ARM - Company - Core Values - Be Your Brilliant Self

Be your brilliant self

A team made up of diverse, highly intelligent individuals 

Making a positive impact

ARM technologies power an increasing range of devices that have the potential to help solve some of the greatest challenges of our time. We work with partners to accelerate social impact in education, health, the environment and other areas in communities around the world. 

Since 2014, we estimate we have helped more than 300,000 people gain improved access to education and medical services through charitable donations to health and education providers and support of innovative programs. More than 80% of those people live in some of the poorest communities across the globe.


Talking Book

BBC micro:bit

ARM worked with its technology Partners and the BBC on the micro:bit, a pocket-sized device that’s being given free to every 12 year old in the UK to engage youngsters in computer coding.

Literacy Bridge

Literacy bridge

Literacy Bridge saves lives and improves the livelihoods of impoverished families through comprehensive programs that provide on-demand access to locally relevant knowledge. At the heart of the program is the Talking Book, an innovative low-cost audio computer.



Our strategic partnership with UNICEF began in May 2015 with a program that has shown how wearable technology can change children’s lives for the better. We are also working with UNICEF on its technology platform, U-Report, which supports 1.7 million young people across Africa.

At ARM, we continuously invest and innovate in new technologies to foster partnerships and ecosystems that improve people’s lives by making the world smarter and more connected.