Fitbit One

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Description: The Fitbit One is a wireless activity and sleep tracker. Throughout the day the Fitbit One measures steps taken, distance covered, calories burned, stairs climbed, weight patterns and food intake. During the night it monitors the length and quality of your sleep. The One has built-in Bluetooth connection so all of these stats are viewable through a mobile application or your desktop, and with a week-long battery life, the One will unobtrusively incorporate into your daily life.

ARM Products:

  • ARM® Cortex™-M3 CPU

Product Features:

  • Push-button control cycles through six modes
  • Sensors and motors monitor calories burned, distance traveled, steps taken, stairs climbed, sleep quality
  • Wireless sync to PC and Mac
  • Wireless sync to mobile via Bluetooth
  • 5-7 day battery life

Silicon Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics

Product Manufacturer: Fitbit, Inc.

Source: http://www.fitbit.com/one


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