Nokia N800

Nokia N800 Image (View Larger Nokia N800 Image) Description: Designed to stay online so you can enjoy the benefits of the internet, whether you’re at home or on the go. Browse your favourite sites. Stay in touch with the people you love with internet calling. Chat with friends. Check your email. Relax with your favourite songs and videos.

ARM Processor: ARM11

Silicon Supplier: Texas Instruments


  • Access the web on a portable internet tablet
    • High-resolution widescreen display
    • Opera 8
    • Flash 7
  • Internet communications
    • Internet calling with integrated web camera
    • Instant messaging
    • Email client
    • Full-screen finger keyboard
  • Access to internet media at home and on-the-go
    • High quality stereo speakers
    • Media player
    • UPnP architecture
    • Expandable mass memory
  • Internet Tablet OS 2007 edition
  • Key applications (additional applications available)
    • Web Browser (Opera 8) with Flash player (v7)
    • Internet calling with video
    • Instant Messaging
    • Email
    • Media player
    • Internet Radio
    • RSS Feed Reader
  • Connectivity
    • Auto-connection to saved Wi-Fi hotspots or through Bluetooth compatible phone
  • Display functions
    • Zooming, full-screen, and panning functionality
  • Utilities
    • Application installer
    • PDF viewer
    • Sketch
    • File manager
    • Backup/restore
    • Image viewer
    • Notes
    • Calculator

Product Information : Nokia USA


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