Jinke Electronics Hanlin eReader V3

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Description: The V3 is a portable electronic device specifically for reading applications. Its stable, high-brightness makes for excellent readability both indoors and outdoors. The 6-inch e Ink display (EPD) contains 800 x 600 pixels and supports 4 levels of greyscale. The product has a SD card slot on the top of the device, memory extension up to 4GB. Connection to PC/laptop: via USB-cable. The V3 is a very low power mobile device, specifically designed for reading applications. The operating time of the rechargeable battery is about a month without recharging, based on an average use of 300 pages reading a day. The device supports multi-level directory management.    

ARM CPU: ARM9 Processor

Silicon Supplier: Samsung

Operating System: Linux


  • Dimensions: 184mm (L) 120.5mm (W) 9.9mm (H) 
  • Main Display:  ePaper (E-ink technology)  
  • Storage: Internal/SD Card 
  • Memory SDRAM: 32MB, Internal 2M NOR FLASH 
  • Weight: 210g 
  • Battery: Li-ION 950mAh  
  • I/O: A.3.5mm stereo audio jack for earphone, B.USB 1.1 Port, C.SD slot(extendable up to 4GB) 
  • Working Temperature: 0ºC to 40ºC 
  • Keeping Temperature: -20ºC to 55ºC  
  • Format Support: PDF, DOC, WOLF, MP3, HTML, TXT, CHM, FB2, Djvu, PNG, TIF, GIF, BMP, JPG, PPT, EPUB, LIT, PRC, MOBI. 
  • CPU: Samsung ARM9 200Mhz 
  • Operating System: Linux OS 
  • Accessories: USB cable, Charger, User Manual, Earphone 

Source:  Jinke Product details