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Description: Amazon have recently introduced the Kindle2 wireless reading device, which is sleek indesign and fits perfectly into your hands. It's main features include; a new easy to use 5-way Controller, 25% Longer Battery Life and can be charged via USB, Can hold more than 1,500 books, 3G Network enabling the user to download a book in Under 60 Seconds and weighs 10.2 ounces. 
The Kindle Store has more than 250,000 books available, plus top newspapers, magazines, and blogs. So whether you prefer biographies, classics, investment guides, thrillers, or sci-fi, thousands of your favorite books are available.

ARM CPU: ARM11 Processor

Silicon Supplier: Freescale i.MX31 Processor


  • Display: 6" diagonal E-Ink® electronic paper display, 600 x 800 pixel resolution at 167 ppi, 16-level gray scale.
  • Size (in inches): 8" x 5.3" x 0.36".
  • Weight: 10.2 ounces.
  • Storage: 2GB internal (approximately 1.4GB available for user content).
  • Battery Life:
    Read on a single charge for up to 4 days with wireless on.
    Turn wireless off and read for up to two weeks.
    Battery life will vary based on wireless usage, such as shopping the Kindle Store and downloading content.
    In low coverage areas or in 1xRTT only coverage, wireless usage will consume battery power more quickly.
  • Charge Time:
    Fully charges in approximately 4 hours and supports charging from your computer via the included USB 2.0 cable.
  • Connectivity:
    EVDO modem with fallback to 1xRTT; utilizes Amazon Whispernet to provide U.S wireless coverage via Sprint's 3G high-speed data network.
    Check our wireless coverage map for availability. This expanded coverage is only available for Kindle 2. See Wireless Terms and Conditions.
  • USB Port: USB 2.0 (micro-B connector) for connection to the Kindle power adapter or optionally to connect to a PC or Macintosh computer.
  • Audio: 3.5mm stereo audio jack, rear-mounted stereo speakers.
  • Content Formats Supported: Kindle (AZW), TXT, Audible (formats 4, Audible Enhanced (AAX)), MP3, unprotected MOBI,
  • PRC natively; PDF, HTML, DOC, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP through conversion.
  • Included Accessories: Power adapter, USB 2.0 cable, rechargeable battery. Book cover sold separately.
  • Documentation: Quick Start Guide (included in box) [PDF]; Kindle 2 User's Guide (pre-installed on device) [PDF].

Source:  Ifixit Guide


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