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As our computing needs have changed in the home and the available technology has progressed, new devices and platforms are serving the needs that were once only available in PCs.
  • With the incredible adoption of web technology into our everyday lives, the need for easy immediate access to multiple devices around the home has grown. 
  • The desire to have multiple PCs to serve this need has diminished in favor of sleeker, more energy efficient, ultra small form factor and all-in-one computing devices.

Leveraging mobile phone technology, the high performance, ultra low power, ARM®-based solutions are the enabling technology for this transition.

  • ARM ecosystem is delivering ultra low power, fan-less designs that are extremely small in size thus consuming fewer of the earth’s resources in materials, packaging and transportation.
  • Based on the latest ARM processor technologies and coupled with state of the art 3D graphics and video engines, these devices provide an uncompromised web experience along with a compelling user interfaces and high definition video.

Come explore the ARM technologies and ecosystem that is driving tomorrow’s computing devices today.


With the incredible adoption of web technologies into our everyday lives, we are seeing the emergence of web focused home computing devices. While traditional Windows PCs will remain in the familiar desktop and notebook form factors, the growth of new home computing devices is taking all shapes and sizes. Already we are seeing digital TVsset-top boxesportable media players that provide access to the web. As the trend towards smaller, more energy efficient computing continues, expect All-In-Ones, nettops, and other platforms to emerge to deliver the requirements for web focused home computing.

Ultra low power enabling energy efficiency and small form factors for resource conservation

  • Total SOC power of <1W up to 2W
  • Ultra low power processor cores for local and web based applications
    • As low as 200 mW peak power consumption (vs 10s of Watts in today's PCs)
    • Approximately 10mW idle power consumption (vs multiple Watts in today's PCs)
  • Ultra low power graphics cores for compelling user interfaces and casual gaming
    • As low as 100 mW dynamic power consumption
    • As low as 0.5 mW static power consumption High Definition Video and Compelling User Interfaces

 High definition video and compelling user interfaces

  • Video processor capable of 720 px or 1080 px H.264 video decode
  • High resolution display controllers up to 1920 x 1080
  • 3D Graphics capable of driving high definition displays

Uncompromised Web 2.0 internet experience

A healthy supplier ecosystem providing competitive solutions focused on innovation, differentiation, and the consumer experience

  • Multiple chipset providers based on a common architecture to minimize engineering investment but maximize the potential for differentiation
  • Single chip solutions
    • Minimize board space, layer count, passive components, power consumption and cost
    • Multiple power planes to minimize power to only the system blocks required given any task
    • High speed on chip interconnects to maximize performance at minimal power
  • Numerous operating system options

The ARM architecture is the foundation for a healthy ecosystem of semiconductor companies creating high performance, ultra low power and System-on-Chip (SoC) solutions, targeted at enabling cool new mobile computing devices.
  • By using a common ARM instruction set, there is commonality across the operating system and application software development for these devices.
  • A broad range of unique peripherals including graphics, video, and communications, are integrated by these companies to deliver differentiated SoCs
  • Numerous SoC providers are driving both innovation and competition in the creation of mobile computing devices.

While the ARM processor cores provide the common framework, ARM also provides a broad range of intellectual property (IP) ranging from graphics cores, video processors and I/O to interconnect fabric and system development tools to help semiconductor companies minimize the time to market. The following ARM products are selected by many of our ecosystem partners when creating semiconductor solutions applicable to home computing devices.

  • ARM Cortex-A8, Cortex-A9, and other ARM v7 compliant application processor cores provide a platform for hosting rich operating systems and user applications ranging from ultra-low-cost handset through smartphones, mobile computing platforms, digital TV and set-top boxes through enterprise networking, printers and server solutions.
  • The ARM Mali™ family of products, including Mali-200 and Mali-400 MP, combine to provide the complete graphics stack for all embedded graphics needs, enabling device manufacturers and content developers to deliver the highest quality, cutting edge graphics solutions across the broadest range of consumer devices.
  • The highly flexible and scalable ARM Mali-VE video engine architecture offers the optimum combination of high performance, efficient die size, programmability and low power consumption, making it ideal for mobile solutions and converged consumer applications.
  • The Cortex-R4 CPU core delivers very high levels of performance inside tight guaranteed real-time constraints with a high degree of debugability to support the AMP chip architectures appearing in the storage solutions market.
  • The ARM Cortex™-M3 is the industry leading 32-bit processor for highly deterministic real-time applications, specifically developed to enable partners to develop high-performance low-cost platforms for storage solutions.
  • The ARM Cortex-M0 processor is the smallest, lowest power and most energy-efficient ARM processor available. The ultra-low gate count of the Cortex-M0 processor enables its deployment in analog and mixed signal devices such as power management micro controllers.
  • ARM System IP provides the digital highway between ARM Cortex and Mali processors and the memory & peripherals to ensure optimal system performance and power efficiency.
  • ARM is the world’s leading provider of physical semiconductor intellectual property (IP) for the design of complex System on Chip (SoC) integrated circuits. ARM Physical IP platforms consist of Logic IPEmbedded Memory IP and Interface IP all optimized for a specific foundry process.
  • ARM is at the heart of wireless connectivity solutions. We provide the market leading solutions for processors that manage the protocol stack and layer1 control.

ARM provides a broad range of intellectual property incorporated by our customers in their semiconductor solutions, targeted to enabling ultra low power, energy efficient home computing devices.   

Application Processors

Graphics and Video Processors

Processors for Storage Solutions

Processors for Power Management

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