Autoscope Solo Terra Video Detection System

Autoscope Solo Terra Video Detection System Image (View Larger Autoscope Solo Terra Video Detection System Image)

The Autoscope Solo Terra video detection system, features a camera with integrated machine vision processor. The video detection solution delivers high performance data collection of traffic/incidents, making the Autoscope Solo® Terra™ system the perfect choice for junction, roadway and bridge applications. It's innovative Terra Technology include; High processing power, web browser communications, streaming digital video and ease of setup and use. The EasyLink™ broadband connectivity provides simple connection to your traffic system communications network and can reduce cabling costs due to 3 wires only cabling and no coax. Making the Autoscope Solo Terra video detection system a cost effective and comprehensive solution for transportation projects.

ARM Processor: ARM926 Processor

Silicon Supplier: TI DaVinci TMS320DM6446 processor


  • Vehicle detection, traffic data measurement and incident detection
  • Integrated colour camera
  • Zoom lens
  • Machine vision processor in one compact unit ensures high quality video for processing
  • Dual-core processor for advanced image processing
  • MPEG-4 digital streaming video output
  • EasyLink broadband communications, IP addressable
  • View video from remote locations using Internet browser
  • Configuration Wizard® for highways
  • ClearVision™ hydrophilic coating and faceplate heater
  • Power: 15 W, 85 to 265 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz
  • Video: Digital streaming MPEG-4 video output
  • Lens: 22X, continuous focus lens,
  • Horizontal: 2.3 to 48.0 degrees,
  • Vertical: 1.8 to 37.0 degrees,
  • Focal length 4.1mm to 87.8mm.
  • Environmental: -34° C to +60° C (-29° F to +140° F),
  • Up to 100% relative humidity per MIL-E 5400T paragraph 4.3.24.
  • Dimensions and Weight: H x W x L - 149 mm x 108 mm x 505 mm and 2.27 kg (5 lb)

Source: Texas Instruments Press Release 


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