Symbol Technologies VRC8900 Vehicle Radio Computer

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The new VRC8900 mobile data terminal from Symbol Technologies is an industry first—a rugged device for use in the toughest environments with the industry-standard Windows CE operating system and a full-screen color display. Sealed for protection against dust and water (to IP65 standards), and shock-tested to 24G, the VRC8900 is reliable in the most extreme temperature and environmental conditions, and easily tolerates sub-zero freezers as well as the vibration and repetitive pounding of forklift applications.

Designed for distribution centers, factory floors, and warehouses, the VRC8900 supports real-time receiving, tracking, put-away, picking and shipping, and 1-D and 2-D scanning applications—and delivers a new level of benefits wherever implemented.

ARM Core: Strong Arm 1110 power processor

Silicone Supplier: Intel


  • 12.1" SVGA touchscreen with 800 x 600 color display
  • IP65 and 24G shock tested
  • Embedded Microsoft® Windows CE OS
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer Web browser
  • Optional 62-key flexible illuminated keyboard with 24 function keys
  • Intel StrongArm® 1110™ power Processor
  • 32 MB RAM/ROM32 MB non-volatile Flash
  • Easily accessible touch- enabled membrane switch with 3 programmable keys, 2 LEDs, and Hi/Lo display
  • Wavelink client-side emulator support infrastructure
  • AirBEAM® Smart-enabled
  • Heater option
  • Ergonomic handles

Source: Symbol product data sheet 


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