Martin Professional Maxxyz Lighting Console

Martin Professional Maxxyz Lighting Console Image (View Larger Martin Professional Maxxyz Lighting Console Image) Description:
The Maxxyz from Martin Professional is one of the top of the range lighting control consoles for live entertainment productions.  It boasts a comprehensive range of cutting-edge features and attractive, modular design, with an intuitive operating system, easy programmability and customizable characteristics.  known officially as "DMZ512 digital data transmission standard for dimmers and controllers,"the DMX protocol is touted as the world's most widely used entertainment lighting control standard. DMX supports up to 512 channels on one cable known as the DMX "universe" and additional channels are accommodated by adding more universes.

This state-of-the-art console allows a lighting designer to set up and program the lighting and special effects for an entire performance through a variety of controls including sliders, touchscreen displays, "jog dials," "trackbelts," hard and soft keys, and a trackball.

ARM Core: 32 bit ARM Processor

Silicone Supplier: Pentium III


  • Two industrial 12.1" super high luminance SVGA TFT screens
  • Built-in Effects Generator
  • Built-in DVD/CD-RW
  • Digital LCD buttons
  • Motorized assignable and multi-functional playback faders
  • SMPTE/VITC/LANC timecode reader and generator.
  • MIDI in/out and balanced audio in/outs

Source: Martin Entertainment